Treme' Laveau

Name:Treme' Jaxon Laveau

Pronunciation: Trim-Mae

Nick Names:Tre, baby, My Prince(By his mom)
"Voodoo Doll" (By his dad)


Birthday:April 10th 1917



Hair Color:Black

Eye Color:Brown

Species:Voodo Prince

Powers:Immortality, War Cry, Resurgence, Soul extraction, Telekinesis, Pyrokineses, Pain infliction, Glamouring, All other voodoo spells and rituals.

Parents:Marie Laveau (Mother) Papa Legba (Father)

Verse:AHS "Coven" TO, TVD


Relationship Status:Single

Back Story: Treme' Jaxon Laveau was born in April 15 1917 to Marie Laveau and The Voodoo King himself Papa Legba. It was 50 years after Marie made a deal with Papa granting him anything of his choosing in exchange for her immortality and like all the other years Marie thought that Papa wanted her to steal another child as a offering of an innocent soul, but no not this time, This time Papa wanted something that he have not had in a very long time, sexual intercourse. It wasn't too long after the intercourse did Marie learn that she was pregant with Papa's baby now scared and confused Marie did what she saw fit and endured the pregantcy as the months went on she learned that The baby was Papa's way of apologizing for taking Marie's first child and it was his way of starting a family. Soon after his birth Treme' was always seem as royalty among the people in New Orleans and the witches and other voodoo practices alike. Treme' is described to be a kind young man with a gentle soul but he should never be tampered with and should always be taken seriously, his power is greater than most witches that's practiced magic for 50 years and up. All in all Treme is a kind person and prefers to stay out of drama unless it means to harm or hurt his family in any means.

Quotes:"I had to commit a massacre, it seemed to be the only way to back you bastards up"

"Tempting me would be the wrong thing to do, see I literally have the ability to give you life and take it away at will"

"If saving the lives of millions means sacrificing the life of one...Im sorry but that one gotta die"

"Don't worry beanie baby, I'm here to protect you"

Theme Song: "Monster" by Kanye West and Jay Z.

Face Claim: Yusef Gatewood
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