Savannah Woods

Name: Savannah Woods
Age: 23
Eye Color: Dark green
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Height: 5'7
Father: Unknown
Mother: Katie Woods
Siblings: None
Children: Hope Woods
Relationship: Single

Savannah grew up like most people she lived in a quite city being raised up by just her mother after her father died of lung cancer. She has a heart of gold, sweet as anyone could ever be she always looked out for others no matter what, always putting everyone and anyone before her own self. Most people would see it as such a good thing but sadly many cruel people take advantage of sweet souls. At the age of 20 she met Alex Jones right away they quickly hit it off and fell what she thought madly in love. And at the age of 22 she fell pregnant with his child. She thought it was so exciting and she was so ready to be such a great mother..until she caught Alex in bed with another woman. Quickly after that they broke up and Savannah became a single mother raising her daughter Hope all by herself and that was okay with her. Now at the age of 23 her and her 1 year old daughter live in a small town cottage as Savannah goes to college trying to get a law degree to start a better life for her and her daughter.
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