The Lockwood Twins!

Name(s):Chase Alex Lockwood,Chance Aiden Lockwood

Nicknames: Twins, Babies,, Little Wolfs, Future Alphas, Twin Kings.


Birthday:October 31, 2013



Hair Color:Brown

Eye Color:Greenish Hazel

Species:Enhanced Werewolf

Powers: Superior strength, sight, smell, speed. Durability, Semi-Immortality

Verse:Teen wolf, TVD, TO


Relationship Status:Single

Ariel (Mother)
Caleb Lockwood (Father)

Back Story: Chase and Chance Lockwood was born on October 31, 2013 to Caleb Lockwood an Alpha and Ariel a original and Olympian Werewolf. When the twins were born this brought happiness into both parents lives, causing Ariel to quit her side job as a stripper (That was done for fun) in order to take care of her babies, although she and Caleb aren't in a relationship they still mannage to Co-Parent their children. Chase and Chance are two of the most funniest and sweetest swet of twins anyone could ever meet they are both kind and fun loving even though Chase can come off a bit more serious than his brother Chance due to him being the oldest. The twins are fully aware of their family history and are aware that they are stronger than the avarage werewolf due to their mothers blood and status but with that they still manage to treat everyone equally with the same amount of Kindess. The twins are currently attending Beacon Hills High school where they are football players, they are loners but they get that from their parents, No one ever knew where the twins came from or not much about them due to them staying to themselves. They have no friends other than eachother which is who they look to the most for happiness besides their parents which they love dearly. It will be Extremly hard to get close to the twins even with their outgoing nature due to the fact that they were constantly stabbed in the back when they were younger by people who they throught were they're friends.

Quotes:"Wait so we're not Olympian werewolves? Then what are we? Knock off werewolves?" -Chance

"Mom I'm not sure about joining a pack, I mean I know dad has a pack which he's the alpha of but I think I want to go the solo route like you" -Chase

"Dad is there ANY chance that you and mom are getting back together? I mean come on how Badass would that be? You already made a wonderful accomplishment, Chase and I, C'mon! You're a Alpha she's a Olympian..OH SNAP! #OlympianAlpha -Chance

"I'm sorry not to be rude to other people but why would we trust someone else besides our parents and eachother to actually care for us to be out friend? I don't see the point why should we trust other people when there's two of us" -Chase and Chance

Theme Song:"Mutiny" by Think up anger.

Face Claim(s): Ethan and Grayson Dolan

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