"So that I can enjoy my evil, evil ways"

He returns home in the evening of that same day. When he calmed down enough to be safe, Sao freed him and sent him back, not without some additional threats.

Unlike the other IAs, Zhan lacks that humanity that normally stops the others from committing atrocities without a reason. He needs to be kept under a very strict control, unlike the others, also since he got tortured so much that pain hardly has any effect on him anymore.
Sao does have the key to torment him and keep him under terror, and it had been about time to remind his cousin of what the price of his failure and disobedience is.

He enters the house silently, wearing a clean and new uniform and with usual longsword on his back. Naturally there are no visible wounds on him, he is a KoZ, he heals too fast.
He is pretty shaken though, but also bitterly angry. He sure knows that, of all the present, only James was responsible of what happened, definitely not Siwang, Ethan, Hun Zin or KM.
Sao forbid him to seek revenge on the Hunter, but he still needs someone to unleash his frustration against. And since Siwang is so disrespectful towards him and provoked him multiple times, he and his dearest friends become his perfect target. If they thought he was bad before, it was because they didn't see how far he can go, when so desperate.

For the moment though, he simply heads to the living room and approaches the window, looking through it while keeping an hand on the long hilt of his weapon.
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MORAX Oh he is only waiting for it, mental fight, live or die. (XD)
He doesn't even want their blood anymore, he wants to destroy them. Also due to jealousy, for how Sao likes them more than him and how he treats them so nicely compared to how he treats him. He is like the jealous big brother, mentally growling at how mom and dad pay more attention to the little ones.

Sao. He raises a brow. «Not quite. My worrying sentence is "now I am going to teach something".» As it is what he says before massacring his men in front of then whole organization.
MORAX m.youtube.com/watch?v=AeeoEpmyb2Y
Can already see himself flying against Siwang. They just need an old blind man playing in the background...

Sao. «I use that sentence when I am about to teach my men, what could happen to them if they infract my rules. Clearly not the case with you.»
He shrugs. «It only plays on your favour, changes little to me.»
He looks at Zhan, finally. «Enough of murdering thoughts. You don't want to risk to infect me with that. Minus two is close.»
MORAX (Lol, rewrote my comment after ot disappeared and you all had replied meanwhile XDD)
MORAX He stops staring at Siwang and lowers his gaze on the plate. He is surely not in the mood to talk or try to join a conversation.

Sao. «My cruelty and ways are well known. I don't need warning, it is you who need some survival instinct.»
MORAX Sao. He makes a :s expression to Siwang's words. «If the Eastern Emperor had one single brain cell, he wouldn't be at war with North. He would focuse on massacring the Western Queen and take her dominions.»
He laughs at Ethan's words. «Nothing dies until and unless I decide to grant that.»

Edward. He winks at Ethan there.

«I beg for permission to leave duty for 45 minutes» he mutters in a low voice, without even looking at Sao.

Sao. He stares at his cousin for some long moments before to answer. Yes, he agrees to have been cruel enough towards him to grant him that. «Take one hour. Not a second more. Disappear from my sight.»

He stands up, bows and walks away. Unlike they may think, no, he does not go after Siwang. He leaves for good, teleporting away.