The Rising Sun.

It is pretty early in the afternoon, around 4 pm. Shixing and Bun Tzi are walking in the empty earthy street in front of the only two houses of the area, their and Edward's.
It is a rather isolated place in countryside, there is wood at barely a couple of metres from KM's house. The closest town is at over 150 km of distance and even the small countryside villages are far, far away. Which makes it very rare and uncommon to see people walking in there, outside of those who inhabit the place and the people who visit them.

At the moment Bun Tzi and Shixing are totally alone, talking lightly as they walk.

«... What is it that you will want?» Bun Tzi asks, in a serious and calm tone. It is as if all of his fears and traumas disappeared ever since he was brought there.

«Only one simple thing. I want everything to stay the way it is now, for me. I want Xan island to stay uninhabited. No tourists, no guards, no miners or woodcutter. Only. Me.»

«Xan island is property of Lord Yung, unless he decided to return it to the Emperor's dominions, it will only be up to him to decide...»

«It will be fine.»
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MORAX Sao. «Do not thank me, it's pointless. Keep the good work going and I won't miss to reward the three of you. Rewards for success, punishments for failures. And disobedience.» He found it fitting to specify, given the circumstances.
«The bottle is yours, consume and share it as you please. Keep an eye on that kid -KM-, this Sake is much stronger than average ones. I need him sober for my next training session.»
MORAX Sao. It will only be up to Siwang if he wants to share it or hide it under his bed to keep it all for himself. The other two don't even know. (XD)
«Khai-Ming will have futute occasions to taste it. He has made himself part of my family, after all.» Best uncle-in-law.
MORAX Sao. «I have to admit that you are one of the most promising teams I had so far. I am surprised Hun Zin managed fo finally work along with someone. When the recruit will be an Imperial Assassin, your team will be officialized. You work better with them, than with your old squad.»
He raises a brow as Siwang asks that. «She is my niece.»
MORAX Sao. «Hopefully, your team will last longer than the previous ones. I happened to notice that when brotherhoods start to strengthen, there is this unhealthy tendence to hide things from me, as a whole. Secret, after secret, to back one another. It would really be too bad, if such thing happened to the three of you as well. Keep it in mind and remind your friends, that the loyalty towards me, comes always first.»
He crosses his arms on his chest. «He will marry her, and take her family name.»
MORAX Sao. «It depends on the nature of such secrets.» For example, the secrets they are actually hiding from him, are worth a veeeeery big dose of pain, to say the least.
Even he smirks, but at the irony. Poor KM. «It comes in handy. Just as Yung family was about to get even smaller, here come two new members.»