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69 / Male / In Love
United States
hi, i'm valen and my username and profile picture contradicts my actual persona. shoot me a message and you'll see how dorky I actually am.

Latest Status

I’m back. Hopefully better than ever. Expect to see replies soon.
2  Aug 18th 2019 20:35

Latest Questions

Q. cool cool! could you reply please
A. Of course. On it right now.
 Aug 13th 2019 19:43

Q. good lol so how was your summer holiday
A. It was good! It didn’t go by as fast as I thought.
 Aug 13th 2019 19:40

Latest Comments

Thanks for the add and I hope to rp with you or even become frineds. *gives you a hug* bye
Apr 18th 2019 11:45