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112 / Female / In a Relationship
São Tomé and Príncipe
I mostly do horror and yandere, I'm awkward as hell. Ill make a blog aout sh*t i like so I don't get any irreverent adds. i have Backup but i have to like you enough to give it to you.

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GUUUYYYYSSSSSS I HAD SOMETHING AMAZING!!!!!! Me and my room mate cook for eachother all the time cus yes. I THOUGHT OF SOMTHING GODLY a bacon Goldfish grilled cheese and was AMAZING
5  23 hours ago

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oxtime asked the question
Q. Was good?
A. Much greater
 Jun 28th 2018 00:34

Q. Ever have those moments in rp where your brain takes something out of context and makes it weird?
A. So many times...
 Feb 12th 2018 19:53

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Aug 2nd 2018 00:20

Thanks bae
Jun 18th 2018 12:41

Jun 18th 2018 00:53

Thanks. Mine is Tank.
Jan 28th 2018 00:29

Are you dead?
Jan 27th 2018 23:39