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bby_buttons's Blog

➤The Tired Soul✦

General Info-
Name: Nicholis Chirillo
Nickname(s): Nic, Nickie, Nana
Age: 18-24
Pronouns: He/Him
Likes: Reading, nature walks, mythology (of all kinds), poetry, playing piano, singing, shopping, snuggling
Dislikes: Blatant discrimination, ignorance, arguments, loud sounds, bright lights, planes
Sexuality: Homosexual
Gender Identity: Cis-Male

Hair: Long, black in a dimly lit room, a pale but dark mostly blue blue-green
Eyes: A bright, strong, teal, gentle and knowledgeable
Skin Tone: Pale cream, pink and red undertones
Piercings: Tongue, nipples, industrial (R), standard lobe (R and L)
Tattoos: None (currently)
Weight: 68kg
Height: 5'5
Style: (public)Flow-y, gentle, feminine, poet tunics, knee high boots, white, black, navy, sage, hair up. (private)Lace, still feminine, silken bed robes, hair down, cream, blue, white, red.

Family: Mother - Disconnected, Father - Adonis Chirillo (disconnected but still trying to contact his son), Siblings - None
Illnesses/Ailments: Narcoleptic
Personality: Quiet, sweet, gentle, affectionate, loving, needy, protective (although a sworn pacifist)
Triggers: Yelling
Backstory: Nicholis Chirillo, son of Adonis Chirillo, was born on the 13th of August into a loving, welcoming family. He grew up in a very accepting household so he was free to explore his style, gender expression, sexuality and otherwise as he so wished. Because of this he began to get bullied due to his overly feminine appearance, being called slurs like "f*g" and "tr*nn*". It gave him a thick skin, so to speak although, of course, it still really got to him. Eventually his parents realised what was happening after the bullying became physical which led to fights over how they should've "raised him to be more of a man" but no he "needed to grow up with agency to experiment with who he was." The yelling and fighting went on for years and Nana couldn't handle it. So, he began to sneak out to get away from the door slamming and screaming. He made interesting friends and as he grew older he began to drift towards a type of work that would help him forget what was happening at home. A slightly scandalous line of work if you will. Eventually Nic's mother had an affair and ran away, leaving him to his father, which didn't end up great...

Find out more about this lovely gentleman in a roleplay with him!!
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2 | 0 Comments | May 4th 2021 05:22

RULES ~ ❀✿❀✿

Thank you for taking the time to read my rules! I genuinely appreciate it and feel safer knowing that you know my boundaries and preferences!! ^*^

❀ Please be literate! I cannot deal with consistent fumbles over the same few things. I'll correct you on what I pick up on, and I'd love if you'd do the same for me, so please try your best to be as grammatically correct as you can. (Of course there are exceptions for people who don't have English as their first language but if you're included in that then it is your responsibility to mention it if it's not already mentioned in your profile or rules or etc).

✿ Plot planning must be a task for both of us. If you won't come up with anything for the plot then I, put simply, don't want to rp with you. If you can't even help with the plot, what's there to tell me you'd be able to bounce off of any of my responses??

❀ Immediate sm*t is a waste of time so if that's all you want then I must kindly ask you to leave. I, personally, love a slow burn where the plot builds up to a great point of tension and then other problems and challenges can be introduced that make the tension so much harder to bear. (I am sometimes in a needy mood though so if you end up being the same we might get lucky with one another).

✿ If you want my BD*M test results you can ask in our private dms but only after we've discussed a plot thoroughly and stuff like that could be included in said plot.

❀ If we are doing a plot that involves sm*t I will not be a top. I will not be a service top. I am a bottom and that is it. I am physically uncomfortable with being a top. Do not try to manipulate me into being a top for you, I will IMMEDIATELY block you.

✿ I do not tolerate spam. If you spam request me, spam message or anything else then I will block you. Point blank. That's it. It's just so incredibly irritating. If you have a problem with my reply speed then please tell me and I'll try harder but I do have a life outside of this site and it is nowhere near my top priority; this is a hobby. Anyway, just tell me about the type of reply speed you prefer and I'll try my best to reply how you like!
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3 | 0 Comments | May 3rd 2021 10:02