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bayleaves's Blog

About me!

Hiya! I know I have no name listed on my profile, but just feel free to call me Min!

General about:

Age: 21
Sexuality: Bisexual
Gender: complicated... I'm nonbinary! This means I don't feel comfortable being called either male or female, and I can be more masc or fem depending on just how I'm feeling that day. I reject gender norms basically. I can tell you my assigned gender if that makes you more comfortable for a pairing, but do not force me or be creepy about it, please.
Pronouns: They/Them please

Job: Game dev (do not recommend it)
Hobbies: Video games, snacking, playing with my 4 cats, reading, coding, modding, sleeping (I love sleep), other... stuff

Photo: Absolutely not!


1. "are you single?" Yes, but I'm not gonna date you

2. "where do you live/what's your timezone?" I don't actually live in Vermont. My timezone is PST... regrettably I live in California (it sucks)

3. "What's in your pants?" A knife

4. "Can we be friends/add on discord or other social?" Sure! But I do reserve the right to not give my discord out if I don't feel comfortable! Ask me in dm's for my discord :)
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3 | 0 Comments | Mar 18th 2023 13:57

Rules... Guidelines thingy?

the 10 commandments

1. Spam: It drives me crazy! Let me have a life, and get one yourself if you can't wait 10 minutes for me to reply to you.

2. Length: Don't give me 1 or 2 lines if I wrote 3 paragraphs. That's just impolite.

3. "I want to message this person something sexual, graphic and weird right off the bat!" That's a quick way to get blocked. Also, if I ask a question: please just give me an answer omg, don't tell me "whatever you want". I asked /you/ for a reason!

4. I'm not always going to be on. I have to, like, sleep and work sometimes.

5. "You removed me without a word!" You were either: rude or weird/creepy,or asked for MxF pairing (I don't know why this is hard to understand. I DO NOT DO MXF!!) Don't do those things and we won't have issues! Also I won't do FxF if your profile says male, sorry.

6. Limits: We can discuss in messages.

7. "What's your idea?" We figure it out together, don't be like that!

8. "I hate all of your OC's, your plot ideas and you!" Let's talk it out! Well... unless you hate me too, then that's an issue. This is all to say, issues can always be solved! Don't block or leave me on read for 84 years because you didn't know how to bring up something

9. I usually make up characters on the spot, so don't ask to see my OC's as I'm not going to send you 5 bios of characters you might not even like

10. "Are you single? Date ME!" No. Also, stop calling me petnames... thanks!

If you read, hit the heart and tell me what prompted you to add me! {also, use the secret password, it's legume!}

okay byeeeeeeeeee
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24 | 2 Comments | Mar 15th 2023 23:09