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21 / Other / Single
nunya, Vermont - United States
{ I'm picky. Spam me when I decline you adding me then you get blocked! :) Also, my pfp is NOT a character. It's just a pfp... }

RULES (read BEFORE adding!!):

About Me:

Why does my profile say other? It's because I can play any gender, any pairing! In order, these are my preferred pairings: FxF/FxNB, MxM/MxNB, NBxNB. I do NOT do MxF. No FxF if your profile says male. If your characters are trans that's also not an issue, but I don't consider trans guys/girls as anything other than guys/girls... so I put them in with FxF and MxM, for any confusion! As for the roleplays I like, we can discuss in dm's and plan together. But my main verses are supernatural, crime/drama, romance. I am happy to try new verses though!

I can write anywhere from 5 lines to 5 para, i will match what you give me. Want me to write more? Then you write more too! Balance is always the key! I will be uploading my OC's, and I can make OC's for roleplays upon request! Please add me, don't be shy! I'm friendly, and I don't bite unless you ask me to! ;)

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@Official__ are you on crack? What the f*** is this? LOLLL. So I'm according to you: a lesbian, a gay man, a criminal (?) a bully? I think you need to go outside and take a break because the only "beef" I've had on this site so far is someone calling me a creepy petname so I blocked them LOL
3  Mar 16th 2023 01:49

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Enjoy the premium.
Mar 16th 2023 18:26