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15 / Male / In a Relationship
., . - United States
hello traveler, looks like you've stumbled into my hideout, the vamps cavern!!⁺₊☾⁺₊
!read before sending a request!
(㇏(♡ ᢍ ♡)ノ)
short, curly, black hair
brown, almond shaped, eyes
skater boy type attire

}Laven is heavily based off me thus why i rp him the most but i can and will rp other chars if you'd like, im open to almost anything{

wondering what type of vamp i am?
bat wings sprouting from shoulder blades
thrive off blood
got 15 mm fangs
if i were an actual bat i'd be a vampire bat due to the fact i drink blood
(wish i was a fruit bat like Gas they're so much cuter or a really big golden-crowned flying fox like Prox, then people would take me more seriously)
no im not selfish or heartless stop the stereotype (Prox can be though)

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