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Beatrice Eliades

“I’m not cruel. Reality is cruel.”

Name: Beatrice Eliades (Originally Beatrice Vermont)
Nicknames: Bee, Sunshine, Little Birdy, Right Hand Woman, Lady of Darkness
Titles: Noble, Dowager, Major General, Doctor, House Head
Loyalty: Nicholas Eliades
Occupations: Head of Eliades (ish), Major General, Doctor
Identifying Symbols: Black & gold, pair of wings
Race: Elf (Pure-blooded)
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Relationship Status: Widowed
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Personality: Observant, strategic, fearless, manipulative, detached, brutal.
Likes: Bodies of water, alcohol, felines.
Dislikes: Social gatherings, alcohol, blood.
Appearance: 178cm 60kg, pale skin, slim-fit, green eyes, wavy waist-length silver hair, pointed ears.
Clothing: Long form-fitting dresses, gold and onyx jewelleries.
Abilities: Light magic (for offense, defense, support, travel, item storage, healing, etc.), limited dark magic (for support, item storage, etc.).
Weapons: Custom twin blades, bows, daggers, limited physical combat.

Relatives: N/A
History: Beatrice was born into a family of light elves, the Vermont Family. She lived a life of luxury, fuelling her naivety and happiness. Her family would dote on her, but were quite possessive, making her sheltered and grew up without friends besides her older brother. She was engaged to Nicholas of the Eliades amily, situated in another Kingdom, and was set to marry him at age 20. There’s not much to say about her life up until that point – she enjoyed a peaceful life with her loving family.

The Eliades’s habits were very different from what Beatrice was used to, thus she had to work hard to adapt to her new environment. Witnessing the harsh and cruel ruling, Beatrice grew to be somewhat apathetic to fit in. She quickly toughened up, learning many things her biological family never put her through. The more she was exposed to this environment, the colder she grew. At times she gets moments of clarity, making her chastise herself for being so cruel. Her apathy and brutal actions only escalated after the sudden death of her husband, leaving her alone.

The Eliades family was known for their trademark dark magic. Their military is comprised mainly of dark mages. The family prides themselves in their strength as well as their intelligence, even some of the women were known to be involved in politics and combat. As opposed to their light mages counterpart, they were not skilled healers – only rare ones could heal, but their strength is one to be feared. With their strength in abilities as well as numbers, the Eliades’s has the strongest personal army in their Kingdom. The family has a reputation for their brutality and traditionalism, ruling over their territory with an iron fist.
Additional Information:
• Beatrice feels like she doesn’t belong in both the Vermont and Eliades Families.
• Beatrice collects swords, but can’t use them.
• Beatrice believes that ignorance is a blessing.

Compatible With: Outspoken/dominant yet logical, or quiet yet confident, or friendly and smart characters. Someone who understands and experienced similar levels of responsibility.
Incompatible With: Quiet and shy characters; neither will take the initiative to talk, she also can’t stand how weak they are. Those too assertive. Over-the-top personalities.
Setting: Preferably an oligarchy Kingdom. Fits roleplay idea 7 the most, can work in 1, 3, 5.
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Cain Hawthorn

“You people speak of ‘humanity’ but barely has any of it.”

Name: Cain Hawthorn
Nicknames: N/A
Titles: Noble, Heir to House of Hawthorn, Lieutenant General, Doctor
Loyalty: House of Hawthorn, Hawthorn Army
Occupations: Noble, Heir to House of Hawthorn, Lieutenant General, Doctor
Identifying Symbols: White & gold, flame
Race: Elf (Pure-blooded)
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Relationship Status: Engaged to Lenora Harcourt
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Alignment: Neutral
Personality: Strategic, calm, possessive, superiority complex, traditional, slightly apathetic.
Likes: Learning, animals, luxury.
Dislikes: Humans, bright colours, procrastinators.
Appearance: 190cm 90kg, pale skin, lean, sky blue eyes, straight waist-length blonde hair, pointed ears.
Clothing: Long form-fitting robes, various armours, gold and diamond jewelleries.
Abilities: Fire magic (for offense, defense), limited light magic (for support, travel, item storage, healing, etc.).
Weapons: Swords, bows, daggers, physical combat.

Relatives: Aldon (Father, 44), Estel (Mother, 42), Ariel (Younger sister, 18), Camden (Younger brother, 15), others.
History: Cain was born into the Hawthorn family as the eldest of three siblings, carrying the responsibility as the heir of his family. At first he hated it, but grew accustomed to it, and eventually was even fond of it. That doesn’t mean all the studying and training wasn’t tiring, though. With what little spare time he had, he spent with his family and was especially close with his younger sister, Ariel. He has a decent bond with his mother and younger brother, but bonding was different with his father. Cain’s and Aldon’s father-son relationship could be described as cold, as Aldon took more of a strict mentor role than a caring father. He was never abusive, but he certainly had a lot of expectations from Cain, which he did his best to live up to. This influenced Cain to be quite the perfectionist, carefully planning things to its tiniest of detail. When he turned 15, he was engaged to Lenora Harcourt, a close family friend. They are scheduled to be married when he turns 22.

The Hawthorn family is known for their trademark fire magic. Though their mages were powerful, they took more of a support role in battle – healing, shielding, and enhancing the fighters. But don’t underestimate them – they can do more than hold their own ground. Asides from war, these elves are also well known for the potions they brew; the effects of which can do wonders. With their strong support magic as well as powerful potions, the Hawthorn’s has a monopoly on the Kingdom’s healthcare system. The family has a clean reputation in the eyes of the general public, but their superiority complex as pure-blooded elves can land them strong rivalries at times.
Additional Information:
• Cain cares a lot for his health.
• Cain has a knack for design. His family often joked that if he wasn’t the Hawthorn heir, he would be designing things.
• Cain keeps a detailed journal that he updates nearly daily.

Compatible With: Outspoken yet logical, quiet yet confident, or friendly characters. Someone with less responsibilities, someone a little more positive than him.
Incompatible With: Over-the-top personalities.
Setting: Preferably an oligarchy Kingdom. Fits roleplay idea 1, 3, 4, 5, can be reworked for 7.
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Xue Jingyi

“Come here. Drink with me.”

Name: Xue Jingyi
Nicknames: Jing-jing
Titles: Princess
Loyalty: Xue Imperial Family
Occupations: N/A
Identifying Symbols: Phoenix
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Relationship Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Alignment: Lawful Good
Personality: Quiet, observant, artsy but athletic, loner, slightly spoiled, slightly cynical.
Likes: Flower wine, dancing, martial arts.
Dislikes: Loud noises, red wine, disorder.
Appearance: 162cm 45kg, pale skin, petite, dark brown eyes, straight waist-length black hair.
Clothing: Hanfus, face veil, jewelleries of gold, jade, and various gems.
Abilities: Wind magic (for offense, defense, support), limited nature magic (for support).
Weapons: Bows, daggers, physical combat.

Relatives: Jianhong (Father, 42), Xieren (Mother, 42), Xiuying (Older brother, 21), Jiaohao (Younger brother, 17), Xinyi (Younger sister, 16)
History: Jingyi is the second eldest child of the Xue imperial family. Like her siblings, she was trained since her childhood to harbour many talents that are both entertaining and practical. It includes learning about the Kingdom’s intricate systems, fighting techniques, as well as artistic practices. While not very close to her family on account of everyone’s busy schedules, she respects each family member as well as pledge her loyalty to her family. She understood the power she holds, both socially and supernaturally, and is not scared of others. On the other hand, she knew when to and when not to use those powers as well. An observant one, she prefers to stay quiet and analyse her situations rather than blabber on and on.

The Xue family controls many things within the Empire. They are connected with many of the noble families that each function differently, making sure they run like well-oiled machines so the Empire as a whole is supported with a strong foundation. Not only that, the Xue family has a strong monopoly over the mining and trading of precious metals and gems.
Additional Information:
• Jingyi is quiet but not shy, she can hold a conversation if she wants to.
• Jingyi can handle alcohol really well.
• Jingyi loves flowers, but her sensitive nose makes it hard for her to fully enjoy them.

Compatible With: Assertive/outspoken yet logical, or quiet yet confident characters.
Incompatible With: Loud characters who never stops talking or too shy to say anything. Those too assertive. Over-the-top personalities.
Setting: Preferably a gigantic Empire of several Kingdoms with two imperial families, and a bunch of nobles underneath. Fits roleplay idea 1, 2, 5, 6.
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Juno von Stein

“So what is love, and why should I care?”

Name: Juno von Stein
Nicknames: Troublemaker
Titles: Noble
Loyalty: House of Stein, herself
Occupations: N/A
Identifying Symbols: White and blue, rose
Race: Psychic Vampire (Pure-blooded)
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Relationship Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Personality: Charismatic, playful, carefree, rebellious, commitment issues, moderately spoiled.
Likes: Parties, new experiences, pranks.
Dislikes: Responsibilities, sanguine vampires, authority.
Appearance: 170cm 58kg, pale skin, slim, purple eyes, wavy waist-length pink hair.
Clothing: Long flowing dresses, silver and sapphire jewelleries.
Abilities: Energy magic (for offense, defense, support, healing), limited invisibility, limited light magic (for travel, item storage).
Weapons: Daggers.

Relatives: Abel (Father, 49), Kali (Mother, 46), Athan (Older brother, 24), Darcey (Older sister, 23), others.
History: The troublemaker of the Stein family, Juno was born as the youngest child. Spoiled since birth, she never had tasted punishment, which only fuelled her mischievous personality. Her family loves her, though they consider her a headache from time to time. She’s rarely brought to some formal events due to her chaotic energy, and when she does, her parents make sure she is heavily followed/watched by the guards. She may be quite the chaotic little vampire, but she never means any malice. She just wants to enjoy life to the fullest. As charming as she is, Juno is not very committed. Her fear of commitment stems from a previous failed relationship, where her secret lover was later engaged to someone else. It was neither the two’s fault, and it seems childish, but Juno felt too scared to feel that kind of pain and vulnerability again. She does not lead people on, though, making it clear to people that she’s not looking for love. Her reputation as a prankster and issues with commitment is well-known in the Kingdom.

The Stein family is feared and respected amongst their peers and people alike. They are calm and calculating, factoring in their stay in power for centuries. They mainly have a hand in the politics and laws of the Kingdom, but they also touch on side business ventures that makes them quite wealthy. Not to mention, the connections they have across the map makes them a family to not be angered.
Additional Information:
• Juno’s biggest fear is marriage.
• Juno longs for a long-term prank partner that matches her energy.
• Juno once nearly blinded a servant because of her pranks.

Compatible With: Sociable and friendly, or quiet but confident characters. Someone fun, but a little more grounded and responsible.
Incompatible With: Romantic or quiet and shy characters. Those too assertive. Over-the-top personalities.
Setting: Preferably an oligarchy Kingdom. Fits roleplay idea 3, 6.
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Celestia Pendragon

“I learned to run away from how I feel.”

Name: Celestia Pendragon
Nicknames: Cel, Little Dragon, Little General
Titles: Noble, Heir to House of Pendragon, Lieutenant General
Loyalty: House of Pendragon, Pendragon Army
Occupations: Lieutenant General
Identifying Symbols: Black & sea-green, dragon’s head
Race: Half-dragon, quarter-human, quarter-elf
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Relationship Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Personality: Loyal, studious, quick-thinker, independent, emotionally unavailable, slightly spoiled.
Likes: The night sky, studying, water.
Dislikes: Empty schedules, dependent weaklings, heat.
Human form: 190cm 72kg, ashy pale skin, slim-fit, sea-green eyes, straight waist-length black hair, black wings that could appear/disappear.
Dragon form: 4.2m (head to tail) 6m in wingspan 3 tons, dark grey scales
Clothing: Long form-fitting dresses, different armors, black metal and apatite jewelleries.
Abilities: Dark magic (for offense, defense, travel, item storage, etc.), water magic (for offense, defense), dragon transformation (increased overall strength, durability, ability power, plus self-healing).
Weapons: Swords, daggers, physical combat.

Relatives: Noir (Father, 44, Half-dragon-human), Cassandra (Mother, 43, Half-dragon-elf), Adrian (Younger brother, 18), Novi (Younger sister, 16), others.
History: Born into a militaristic household as the eldest child, Celestia had quite the burden on her shoulders. Thankfully the Pendragons were never one to care about gender roles nor racial discrimination. The same couldn’t be said for others, though. Growing up, Celestia was ridiculed for being a female in the military/political scene as well as being a ‘mix breed.’ It never deters her from training and studying in order to serve her family to the best of her abilities, though. She was never allowed much freedom to rest and develop her own hobbies, but with whatever little free time she had, she used it to get close with her family. It worked, but she wished she had more time to spend with them, especially with her younger siblings. Once she turned 20, Celestia was promoted from Major General to Lieutenant General as her mother stepped down from her position; the two now having switched ranks. Given her lack of freedom, Celestia felt lost in terms of self-identity, never given time to explore her interests. Still, she never complained as her loyalty and love for her family drove her to do whatever it takes to protect them. A realist at heart, Celestia despise the helpless dreamers, while unable to process her own emotions at times.

The Pendragon family is in charge of the Kingdom’s armies as well as their personal soldiers. They are very open minded about women and mixed races in politics. Despite their resources and position, they never abused their power. In fact, they stay quite neutral in most situations, or at least try to – never attacking unless given a reason to, and all that. They are supportive of their fellow nobles, even if they’ve had quarrels in the past. On top of that, the family is also well known for their high quality weapon production.
Additional Information:
• Celestia believes all conflicts should be solved with words before combat is even considered.
• Celestia spends most of her time living up to family ideals, thus not allowing much time for her to think of her personal goals.
• Celestia is scared of emotional confrontations.

Compatible With: Assertive yet logical or sociable and friendly characters. Someone a little more positive than her.
Incompatible With: Quiet and shy characters; neither will take the initiative to talk. Those very gloomy. Over-the-top personalities.
Setting: Preferably an oligarchy Kingdom. Fits roleplay idea 3, 4, 5, 6, can be reworked for 7.
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