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18 / Female / In Like
United States
Welcome again!
I cant access my old account lol
Hi I’m Araya :) I’m usually very nice. My message are always open if anyone wants to rp or just vent about their problems. I mostly accept everyone that sends a friend request.

When it comes to rps I usually like the dark and psychological ones but I’m also open to anything and willing to try new things. Just shoot me a message and he can discuss our rp. Most often I combined ideas together so it pleases both parties.

The main character I use is Araya. She 18. Straight. She fearless, stubborn, and her pride usually get in the way of a lot of thing. At times she could be a real sweet heart but if you push her buttons she’s very feisty and could make your whole world a nightmare. Aside her personality she has light tan skin, straight jet black hair, dark brown eyes, soft plump lips, a nice curvy body but she’s short about 5’2, and she almost wears all black since it’s her favorite color.

Thanks for reading see y’all soon!

Latest Questions

Phunny asked the question
Q. Ready to continue Colleague?
A. Yeah hold on a sec
 Mar 18th 2019 12:57

Phunny asked the question
Q. Hug?
A. Virtual hug!!!!
 Mar 18th 2019 08:19

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Apr 8th 2019 21:41

hope we continue soon
Mar 24th 2019 21:16

hi can we roleplay
Mar 20th 2019 11:01

Hello how are you <3
Mar 20th 2019 09:33

Sent the request and response
Mar 19th 2019 10:53

1 hour later XD
Mar 18th 2019 17:49

Bops your nose I guess you are studying again?
Mar 14th 2019 13:47

Sorry it was short my thumb hurts from typing
Mar 13th 2019 19:52

Hope my response was good
Mar 13th 2019 18:52

Only idea I had was to talk about her more in-depth sorry
Mar 13th 2019 17:40