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30 / Female / Single
California - United States
I'm not really sure what I'm here for. I used to Roleplay a bit when I was younger so I guess I'm seeing if I still like it? Consider me a noob at RP haha. I'm willing to try anything once and I do have a few ideas of my own. ^-^

My first language is English. I do have a job and other stuff I like to do irl so, if this becomes a habit, please wait some time for me to reply.

Since this seems to be a prevalent theme on this site (despite it being against the rules) here's my view of er*t*ca: I'm fine with doing it but please don't list it as your only genre. If I ask you what genres you like and all you say is romance or ero then I'm just going to ignore you or flat-out unfriend you.
I don't do pedophilia or furries so please play someone 16+ at the BARE MINIMUM! If you play as a character under 18 in an er*t*c-themed RP then I'm only going to do stuff like kissing, groping, etc. And don't try to make your character a "loli that's 1000 years old". If they look like a child they count as one in the RP world.

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Papyrus asked the question
Q. Btw it's me Chara.
A. I know :)
 Sep 14th 2019 09:00

Papyrus asked the question
Q. *pokes* I love you.
A. Love you too baby
 Sep 14th 2019 08:59

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