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20 / Male / Single
Mississippi - United States
Name: Zachary Love
Orientation: Bisexual
Creature: Human
The irony of his name, is that he wants to fall in love and fine that "one person," but he seemingly can't pull it off. He's awkward, funny, and very lost.

Story-line/guideline: Open
Genres: Romance, romantic comedy, drama, crime (just one of them, all of them, or a few!)

My character can be used in any ideas, and I would love to discuss them! An idea I have; he's in your college course, public speaking, when you two meet and you can tell he's a little bit of a goofy guy, so you'd like to talk. He has a dark past though - that can be uncovered as the two of you get closer.

Any ideas/story-lines are welcome!