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(Andy Livingston)
25 / Male / Single
Massachusetts - United States
No furry, smt, anime, minors, or fandoms.

Ever since he was a little kid, Andy had a huge interest in music, more specifically metal. He would try his best at any instrument that he possibly could get his hands on, leading him to even stealing a guitar or two from the schools band room when he was in Junior High. When he was 14, his mother passed away from cervix cancer. After that his father became emotionally tied off from Andy and would ignore him unless he was in trouble in school for just being different. When going into Highschool, he found his love in writing poetry then later on began writing lyrics which helped him cope.

In Highschool he soon became friends with a few other kids who loved the same genre of music and they formed a black metal band called The Dark Woods. The other students in the school however, didn't agree with Andy's style of clothing or music and will harshly bully him and abuse him until he graduated.

After graduating, hid band became is one and only focus and practiced day and night until his father kicked him out the day he turned 18. He moved in with one of his friends and worked small part time and odd jobs for income. Finally after months of tirelessly practicing with his band they landed a gig which gained traction and found themselves a studio whom will help produce their first album.

This was the new beginning in life he was craving for since his mother passed away and he will do everything he can to keep it going, even if it slowly kills him.

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//Going to be busy this upcoming week. Between my personal life and the current BS of politics, I am taking some time off from the internet to wrap my head around what is happening right now. Ladies, I am sorry for what is happening right now, it is completely unfair to you all. And I will help fight for your rights.
1  May 6th 2022 19:50

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Thinking of you.
May 14th 2022 08:46