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Arianna Miller


Name: Arianna Miller
Nickname: Aria
Gender: female
Race: Caucasian, Latin and creole ancestry
Nationality: American
Age: 25
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Current town: New Orleans, LA

Height: 5’7
Weight: 128
Hair: blonde
Skin: neither pale or tan, but for get tan in summer
Eyes: blue
Clothing: Cozy clothes at home such as sports bras, sweats, tshirts, sweatshirts.
Work attire: skirts, dresses, jeans and nice shirts
Going out attire: depends on the place, usually dresses


Religious beliefs: spiritual more than religious

Political stance: hates them, but falls in the middle, registered democrat

Hobbies: cooking, reading, learning new things, traveling

Habits: coming

Likes: fire, dogs, traveling, eating at new places

Dislikes: too many to list

Fears: Death, some supernatural creatures (if supernatural), snakes and spiders

Strengths: good people skills and good organizational skills, good with a gun, hand to hand combat, and taking care of people

Weaknesses: anything with her family

Short term goals:

Long term goals: family

Occupation: depends on the storyline. If it is a supernatural storyline, she has witch ancestry and is a hunter.

In a real life storyline: she is a business woman. She owns a small boutique inn with a cafe that connects in downtown New Orlean

Father: Jameson Miller - 58
Mother: Angela Miller- 57
Brother: Peter Miller - 30
Sister: Abigail Miller - 21
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Avery McKillan


Name: Avery McKillan
Nickname: Avery
Gender: female
Race: Caucasian, Irish decent
Nationality: American
Age: 23
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Current town: usually somewhere in the south

Height: 5’5
Weight: 120
Hair: brunette
Skin: neither pale or tan, but for get tan in the winter
Eyes: green/hazel
Clothing: Cozy clothes at home such as sports bras, sweats, tshirts, sweatshirts. If out at school or her job, usually jeans and nicer shirts, going out- dresses or skirts.

Temperament: level headed most of the time unless she’s helmet

Religious beliefs: raised laid back baptist, but now busy short or believes in God. Not 100% sure

Political stance: leans more democrat, but likes to stay out of it.

Hobbies: cooking or baking, reading,

Habits: coming

Likes: cold weather, snow, cooking, fires

Dislikes: Liars, cheaters

Fears: dying alone, dying

Strengths: practically has a photographic memory, good people skills


Short term goals: Get her masters, find a job

Long term goals: family and travel

Occupation: depending on the roleplay, she can either be finishing her masters and working part time as a bartender. If graduated, she is working as professor at a college teaching history

Father: Patrick McKillan - deceased
Mother: Molly McKillian - deceased
Brother: Patrick McKillan, Jr. - 36
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Jackson Thyne


Name: Jackson Thyne
Nickname: Jack
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Age: 30
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Current town: Houston, TX , New Orleans, LA, or other places

Height: 6’2
Weight: 205
Hair: brunette
Skin: a little pale in the winter, tanned in summer
Distinguishing marks: tattoos and a few scars
Eyes: blue


Religious beliefs: Christian
Political stance: secret

Hobbies: writing, playing guitar, video games on occasion, cooking, hunting

Habits: coming

Likes: outdoor activities, football, cooking, watching movies, reading

Dislikes: Liars, cheaters, incompetence

Fears: not being able to help people, losing those close to him

Strengths: medical training, good at soccer, boxing, fighting

Weaknesses: family, mental health struggles

Short term goals: work his way up from an EMT to a doctor

Long term goals: a family, his doctorate

Occupation: EMT, in medical school

Father: Frank Thyne - Farmer - 59
Mother: Analyse Thyne - book keeper - 57
Brother: Kyle Thyne - 32 - engineer, married to Lois
Brother: Jake Thyne - 28 - engaged to Sadie
Sister: Madi Thyne - 25 - teacher
Sister: Lily Thyne - 13 - deceased

Nephews: Colin (5), Marcus (3)
Niece: Holly (newborn)
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Grace Harris


Name: Grace Harris
Nickname: Gracie
Gender: Female
Race: Caucasian with Latin roots
Nationality: American
Age: 26
Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Current town: New York City or Raleigh, NC

Height: 5’3
Weight: 115
Hair: brunette (sometimes changes whether darker or lighter brunette)
Skin: tanned, some freckles
Distinguishing marks: scars
Eyes: Hazel
Clothing: At work, she can range from dresses and skirts to jeans and tshirts depending what type of work she is doing.
She likes to be cozy at home


Religious beliefs: Catholic
Political stance: falls in the middle

Hobbies: photography even though it’s her job, she models rarely, watching Netflix, drinking wine, going to the beach, puzzles

Habits: coming

Likes: Music, cooking, dogs, photography, art, painting

Dislikes: liars, rude people, disrespectful people, pineapple

Fears: the dark

Strengths: vert artistic

Weaknesses: family, mental health struggles

Short term goals: work on her painting

Long term goals: a family

Occupation: photographer

Father: Jimmy Harris - former pastor, now in jail for murder of Grace’s mother and child abuse, 58
Mother: Kelly - deceased at age 45
Brother: Jackson - 29
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Henry Booth


Name: Henry Booth
Nickname: none yet
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: British
Age: 38
Hometown: London, England
Current town: New York City or Atlanta. GA

Height: 6’1
Weight: 190
Hair: dark brown
Skin: tanned
Distinguishing marks: several scars
Eyes: Hazel
Clothing: At work, scrubs. Outside of work, he wears quite a few tshirts and sweats at home. When he goes out, it ranges from flannels, quarter zips; and button ups depending on the occasion. He likes to look nice when he’s going somewhere important, but other than that comfort is important.

Temperament: Calm under pressure, sweet, often caring

Religious beliefs: Raised Catholic, religious to an extent

Political stance: doesn’t speak about politics

Hobbies: Shooting, soccer, playing with his nieces and nephews, (child depending on RP), watching reruns of his favorite shows, watching sports

Habits: coming

Likes: Music, sports, shooting, family, helping people, hanging with friends, dogs, pizza, Italian food, cooking

Dislikes: liars, cheaters, his ex wife, anyone dishonorable, cats, Chinese food

Fears: losing those around him, nightmares

Strengths: hand to hand combat, shooting, archery, hunting, fixing things, anything in the medical field

Weaknesses: anything that threatens his family or friends, PTSD

Short term goals: become the topic attending at the hospital

Long term goals: family - a wife and child

Occupation: former army medic, current trauma doctor

Father: Kyle Booth - 65
Mother: Nancy Booth - deceased at age 30
Sister: Hailee (Booth) Smith- 33
Nieces: Daisy - 7, Gracie - 3

Ex-wife: Angela (36)
Daughter: Anna (6) I either play her where he has split custody with his wife or she passed away or without his daughter at all. It depends on the story.
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