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alistone's Blog

fandoms i am interested in

aib - alice in borderland
genshin impact
bsd - bungou stray dogs
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meet the author ✩

greetings, fellow writers; before we traverse the wonderful world of writing, there are some rules and boundaries that need to be established.

Ⅰ ✩ please speak with me ooc when first approaching and whence approaching me, specify your interests clearly so that we both know what we are looking for
Ⅱ ✩ no pedophilia, thanks
Ⅲ ✩ try to keep it professional, let's not get too personal guys - unless you are of interest to me or want to be friends, i'll let you know (or you will)
Ⅳ ✩ i do not mind late replies at all, in fact i may not reply swiftly either so do bear with me, however my deadline to reply to someone would round up around a week to two weeks or more, depending on my situation (please notify me if you need to extend the reply time, i seriously do not mind, fellas)
Ⅴ ✩ i stick to canon universes or ocs, i do not only roleplay as xiao and will have personal characters!
Ⅵ ✩ unfortunately, i cannot write something without romance in it, it's just not of interest to me if there is nothing extraordinary to write for

more to add;
you add, you talk :)
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