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(Alexander Bartleby)
25 / Male / Single
Massachusetts - United States
No furry, smt, anime, minors, or fandoms.

Alex used to live in London around the 1600's when he was mortal. He was born and raised in poverty till the Revolution began. He joined the army at age twenty, but what he didn't know was there was another revolution, one between Vampires and Lycans. During one of the waves of battle he came across a vampire who was thirsty for mortal blood, Alex managed to escape from the creature before he was sucked dry and he was reborn. He lay motionless in a trench paralyzed as his boy changed from a mortal man to a creature of darkness. At his last living breath one of the vampire monarchs called the High Bloods found him in the mud and took him in. He learned the ways of the night and grew to be a civilized Vampire, one that can walk with humans without feeding onto them.

After he matured, he sailed to America and built himself a mansion in the woods far away from the colonies. He lived there alone until the first Vampire lord and community was established. He became a teacher and tutor for the gifted children and new bloods. Teaching them the same way he was taught to survive in their new world.

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