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(Alexa Alexis Marie Gamblewood-McLaggen )
19 / Female / Single
Godric's Hallow, United Kingdom
Name : Alexa Alexis Marie Gamblewood-McLaggen

Nickname: Exa

DOB 1/01/2001

AGE 19

Gender: Female

Height : 5ft 6inc

Hair Colour: Mixed

Eye Colour : Mixed

Skin Colour: Pale

Blood Status : Pure-Blood / Wolfblood transformation

Former School : Hogwarts School

Former House : Hufflepuff

Studies: Potions,Transfiguration,
Defence Against the Dark Arts, Care of Magical Creatures, Ancient History and Divinations

Year :7th

Wand: Unicorn Hair, Rosewood, 11 inches

Patronus: Wolfblood Husky Dog

Animagus Wolf Dog

Personalty Kind, Loving , Friendly

Sexualty : Lesbian

Family Members

Daddy Geoffrey Matthew Thomas Gamblewood-McLaggen

Mummy Mammy: Corrine Courtney Gamblewood-McLaggen (born Stone)

Sisters Briony Gamblewood-McLaggen-Stone and
Emily Jayne Gamblewood-McLaggen-Stone and
Victoria Lucy Gamblewood-McLaggen-Stone and
Olivia Belvina Crystal JennaGamblewood-McLaggen-Stone the special favourite one and
Laura Jayne Gamblewood-McLaggen-Stone
and Nevaeh Christina Gamblewood-McLaggen-Stone

Brothers: Cormac Benjamin Tiberius Gamblewood-McLaggen-Stone , Freddie Justin Gamblewood-McLaggen -Stone, Luke Leo Gamblewood-McLaggen -Stone

Blood Uncles from dad GeoffreyMatthew Thomas Gamblewood-McLaggen side of the family
Adam Gamblewood-McLaggen and
Jayden Gamblewood-McLaggen and
Tiberius Gamblewood-McLaggen and
Ryder Gamblewood-McLaggen from dad Geoffrey Matthew Thomas Gamblewood-McLaggen

Blood Aunties from dad GeoffreyMatthew Thomas Gamblewood-McLaggen side of the family
Crystal Laura Gamblewood-McLaggen and
Zeta Zee Gamblewood-McLaggen and
Bridget Gamblewood-McLaggen and
Lindsey Leela Lockwood (born Gamblewood-McLaggen)

Uncle by Marriage one called
Cameron Lockwood

Aunties by Marriage
Sarah Kay Gamblewood-McLaggen (born Unknown) and

Christine Gamblewood-McLaggen (born White)

Blood uncles from mum Corrine's side
Kris Joe Stone and Spencer Stone

Blood Aunties from from mum Corrine's side
Charlene Charlotte Dunbar (born Stone) and
Verity Eva Stone and
Nicolette Stone and
Jennifer Rose Stone

Cousins :Dynasty Gamblewood-McLaggen and Bailey Gamblewood-McLaggen
and PippaCelina Corna Lockwood-Gamblewood-McLaggen and
Peri Louise Grace Lockwood-Gamblewood-McLaggen and
Joseph Noah Gamblewood-McLaggen and
Nathan Ethan Gamblewood-McLaggen and Millicent Violetta Gamblewood-McLaggen and Holly Gamblewood-McLaggen and Carrie Crystal Gamblewood-McLaggen and
Freya Gamblewood-McLaggen and loads more

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