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ajhcraft's Blog

Arekusandā Hiru (BNHA OC)

Alex is a 15 year old (16 in October, so around the time of the Overhaul arc) Irish male who moved to Japan with his dad after his mother died a couple of years back. His dream was to become a search and rescue hero due to his quirk, and his lack of ability to deal with the public, but his emotionally/verbally abusive father gave him massive insecurity to the point where he nearly didn't even attend the Entrance Exam. He pushed through however, and beat the Exam by a single point, he was at the lowest of the low. But now as he attends U.A. he has to train hard to protect everyone from the numerous growing threats, not just the League of Villains, but also these other powerful beings that somehow keep being attracted to Alex. What's linking all these villains and why are they attacking him? During the USJ attack, when Alex's crush was hurt by the Nomu, he went blank, and when he woke up, he discovered he had a second quirk that he'd never known he had until now. If he can gain a proper grasp of this quirk and not hurt others with it, he has the potential to save everyone.

Main quirk: Teleport

Alex can teleport into any location he has already set foot in, to the exact coordinates, within one hundred meters of his current location. If he wishes to teleport a kilometer away, it's ten "blinks" as he sometimes refers them to. He can teleport instantaneously, and can even teleport large objects and people with him, but it places his body under extreme stress, and could potentially paralyse him if he's careless. The first teleport is bad back pain, the third puts him out of commission for a while until he heals. If he's just teleporting himself however, he can teleport several thousand times without much effort. Considering this handicap, it's going to be difficult to become a search and rescue hero, isn't it?

Second quirk: Transform

When he saw his crush get hurt at USJ, Alex's underlying psychological issues tool over, and he blacked out from rage. When he blacked out, his body transformed, growing an entire foot and turning into a green reptile that's covered in muscles head to toe. Being a lizard, he has minor regenerative abilities, though they're nowhere near as strong as Setsuna Tokage's. He has increased speed and massively increased strength, almost equal to the USJ Nomu. However, he was completely unconscious, unable to rely on his teleportation, and attacked whoever he could see. This form also absorbs nutrients at an incredible rate, so whenever he uses it, he becomes malnourished. When the inter shops came around, Ryukyu nominated him to try to help him get ahold of this quirk.

(His eyes are blue, not green FYI)
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Hina Kashigawa

Name: Hina Kashigawa

Age: 18

Height: 6"0

Species: Moth

Sex: Female

Orientation: Straight

Birthplace: The Underworld

Personality: Shy, passive, introverted, innocent, kind-hearted, sweet, easily discouraged

Likes: Ragwort

Story: Born into the Kashigawa household, Hina was a princess, and was eventually to become queen of the moths. However, she was a very shy young girl, and didn't have many friends. People treated her differently due to her being royalty, so she had no one she could have a real conversation with. As she withdrew from society, people began wondering whether she was fit to be their ruler.

This changed when the ceiling of the Underworld suddenly cracked, and a hole opened, a boulder being sent into it with a message declaring war against the moth race. To prove she would be a worthy ruler, the Council decided to send Hina out to discover who was declaring war against them, and to save their species from certain annihilation.

Abilities: High intellect, flight, frost resistance

Special ability: Solar absorption
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18+ List

Here you can find the kinks I enjoy, kinks I don't know much about but are willing to try, and the kinks I will not do.

~~Kinks I enjoy~~

Anthropomorphic characters
Monster girls/guys
Anal (Both ways, if a futa is involved)
Oral (Both ways)
All positions
Public sex

~~Taboo kinks I enjoy~~

Incest (Bro x Sis, sometimes Mom x Son, cousin x cousin)
Rape (Almost exclusively receiving)
Unbirthing (Only when it's with monster girls, lamias or slimes for example)

~~Kinks I'm willing to try~~

Futa (Only if they have lady parts too)

~~Kinks I will not do~~

Anything to do with blood
Beatings (Only for plot if it's a bad relationship they're getting out of, I don't have the heart to hurt)

If I haven't listed your kink here, ask me about it! Don't be shy, that's my job! I won't judge you for what you're into, even if I'm not into it. I'm a civil person.
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Plot ideas!

1) My character has lost his home, and is wandering through unfamiliar territory. He doesn't know where he is, and no one will help him. He nearly gives up, wanting to just curl up on a doorstep and potentially just freeze in his sleep. But then he meets your character, and gives it one last shot. He asks for directions, but to his surprise, she shows him mercy and offers him a place to stay! It's not completely out of goodwill though, as she's been lacking attention recently... ( This plot can work the other way around too! )

2) My character has no parents, and your character's parents adopted him. He's a bit quiet, so your character thinks of a great plan! She can host a sleepover with her friends, and introduce him to them! Except, things get a little spicier than intended, heating up during some games. ( This plot can work the other way around too! )

3) Your character has been eyeing up mine for quite some time. He's absolutely stunning to her, she wants him, she doesn't want anyone else to have him. She'll make him hers, no matter what! One day, it's darker than normal, and no one is following him home. Now is her chance. She stalks him, kidnaps him, and brings him to her home. ( This plot can work the other way around too! )

4) Your character is inhuman, and on the run from humans who want to study her. She runs into my character, who sees her situation and hides her away from the humans hunting her. What started out as a random act of kindness for a peculiar species new to him, blooms into a romance!

5) Your character and my character are the children of some of the most dangerous gangs around. Those games are gonna go to war very soon, if not for a peace treaty. The condition? Our characters marry, unifying the gangs. They don't want to do it, they've never even met each other before. But can they learn to get along and stop a bloodbath? ( This was my roleplay with @of_her_kinky_kisses and was thought of by her, so thanks to her! )

6) It's not unheard of for women to be stolen from the streets and sold via human trafficking. However, how many men are captured for women's pleasure? My character is one of these rarities, taken in to have his life changes, solely to become a toy for the women around him.

7) Fantasy! Everyone loves fantasy, right? Monster girls, monster guys, they're all amazing! Whether they be the type that interact with other humans, or dominate them, there's always huge variety! My character is a brave young adventurer who wants to see the world! How naïve of him to believe that the overwhelming female population will allow him to travel through unscathed. ( This plot can work the other way around too! )

8) Our character's parent are away on a business trip, leaving the siblings or step siblings behind for a while. With both (or all) of them being introverts, they're starting to have a lot of tension building up in them. But what if... They help each other out a bit?

9) Similar to plot 7) but with Pokemon! Pokemon have got to breed somehow, right? This plot can work for both male and female roleplayers, and can work both in the form of the trainer seeking out Pokemon to... " Train " or Pokemon seeking humans to... " Train. "
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