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Q. So, you're just going to avoid me I guess! ~·~
A. I'm sorry, I haven't been messaging anyone here on the site at all, not just you. I'll explain more in DMs
 Oct 4th 2020 23:59

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May 25th 2021 08:06

Hi ty for adding me!

A little heads up I don’t do one liners and I’m not a dom. Ty for reading hope you understand. *hugs*
Apr 24th 2021 01:45

oooh yeaaaaa
Mar 15th 2021 22:54

Are you doing alright~? I dont want to seem like im rushing you, i just wanted to see if you are ok.
Feb 17th 2021 11:22

That's so sweet of you, thanks!
Dec 8th 2020 19:25

Hello? I accidentally deleted the chat could you tell me what you wrote.
Sep 22nd 2020 16:51