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(Blaine Lennox)
115 / Other / Single
loser street, United Kingdom
~~WIP account~~

hi! i’m blaine! i can play female and male characters, depending on what you want! if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask! just hmu
((if you want my discord, just ask!))

☾My rules/info☽
❥ I’m down to do some n*fw roleplay, but i’d like there to be some story to it too.
❥ When it comes to writing amount, i try to match the amount i’m given. One liners i find difficult to respond to, so it would be appreciated if you could write a little more.
❥ I write in 3rd person, since it is easier for me.
❥ I can make ocs on the spot to fit to the roleplay, however i also have a small selection of pre-made characters - soon to be uploaded :) -
❥ Before we roleplay, please make me aware of any triggers that you may have!
❥ Let me know if you’re here to rp, or ill just assume you’re here to chat! :)

Thank you for reading! ♥︎

p.s i’m a massive brat, hehe
also, i have other accounts, yes, but they are most likely ditched :3