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18 / Male / In Like
California - United States

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//. Hmm should I make a damon?

Oooh or Stefan?
3  16 hours ago

Latest Questions

Q. “Would you get with me if I was hotter”
A. “You don’t need to change, I care about you...”
 Jan 16th 2019 10:48

Q. “Why are you so hot”
A. He blushes “genetics?”
 Jan 16th 2019 10:48

Latest Comments

“Command of course. Make it 100 now “
Jan 16th 2019 09:07

“So why is it your not in barrics exactly ? Drop and give me 50”
Jan 16th 2019 08:29

She laughed a bit “ I know that I’m just f***ing with you “
Jan 16th 2019 08:15

“Well these people are going to get fired and tried for high treason “
Jan 16th 2019 08:13

“I’m sorry I don’t know that name “ she shrugged some “ how did you get in here this is a SHIELD facility.
Jan 16th 2019 07:18

“I am alright. You are who exactly ?”
Jan 15th 2019 16:39

I'm not that soft
Jan 14th 2019 12:56

Okay Your really cute and its pissing me off because I want you
Jan 14th 2019 12:48

She smiles and hugs him back
Jan 13th 2019 13:23

" HEY!!! " she runs to him and kisses him
Jan 13th 2019 13:17