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(L Lawliet)
23 / Male / In a Relationship
Tokyo - Japan
As you all can tell I’m sure, my current fixation is on Death Note. (Yes yes I know I’m like 16 years late, shh)

However, I can make many exceptions. While I want to primarily play L, you do not have to know any of the media to roleplay with me. I accept crossovers and am very fit to answer any questions about the universe or my character, so do not be afraid to ask.

The only thing I ask is that I not be spammed. It has not happened yet, but some people in the past have not understood that I have a life. I will try to reply at least once a day. If I haven’t replied in a few days, you may give me a poke and I will try to get back to you. Thank you for understanding.

Any genres listed in my profile are fair game, as well as romance. It’s a bit of a hit or miss with that, though. Especially if you know my character. Fluff, angst (hurt/comfort preferred), and sm*t (only 18+) are all allowed too.

Admin is trans masculine and goes by he/they, just in case anyone wants to be specific. Also, pansexual and not willing to accept any homophobia or transphobia. Anyone LGBTQIA+ is more than welcome here.

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