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23 / Male / Single
Hi My Name Is Ash~

Ive done alot of roleplay over about 3 years and ive loved every second of it so i thought to give this site my friend mentioned a try

Genre wise i love mafia Roleplays they are always fun even if they have a bit of a weird of supernatural twist on them

I Don't mind Roleplaying with guys or girls or even other so add me if you like and please message me first if you add me i would do it to someone i add so please and thank you.

Latest Questions

Q. My phone broke! HELLPPP
A. Oh nose!~
 Feb 4th 2019 15:19

Q. do u have a discord....
A. Yes and if you want it ill pm just ask~
 Jan 27th 2019 20:11

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Busy sweetie??
Apr 24th 2019 05:49

Apr 24th 2019 02:12

Been a while sweetie, You okay?
Apr 19th 2019 04:55