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_Aki_'s Blog


Q- Why aren't my custom profile/homepage/blog fonts working?
A- You're probably putting them in wrong, don't use the link. Use the actual name of the font you want to use.

Q- How do I change my username?
A- Go to the gear in the top right. Then you will see a number of things you can change, such as your username, email, and password. You can also view your list of blocked members, and change other settings. Make sure to look here, even if you don't need it yet.

Q- How do I get my inbox to change back to black instead of red?
A- It depends. If you have notifications that haven't been viewed, it won't change back to black. There is a glitch though that causes this, if someone types to you and you reply to them without viewing their message, it could be glitched. Just go to the link, "Clear mail alerts", that should get rid of it.

Q- How do I save messages and view my saved messages?
A- Click the heart next to a message, then go to

Q- How do I send images in messages?
A- Copy the link of the image, and insert it into the bar below the actual message bar.
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