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(Lorenzo Pena)
18 / Male / In a Relationship
St.Louis, Illinois - United States
Hello! How is everyone today? I hope everyone is having a great day today and if not then i hope your day will be brighten up. Now I'm thinking of leaving since not a lot of people rp with me much and it's also a hassle to keep replying since i get no notification. But who knows, i might stay on it to see who i can meet. But if i randomly disappear then that means i left this site. So on that note, have a wonderful day! ^w^

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I just lost someone close to me. So I'm sorry if my replies are short...
Shadow was the best cat I could ask for and she was taken away...I took her to the vet but they charged me 500 just to see what was wrong with her but she was critically ill she was gonna die either way...i wish she was still here with me and with her gone it'll be hard for me to live my life without seeing my cat at the corner of my bed or ontop of my laptop...I just wish she was here with me so I can cuddle her aga
Mood: depressed
1  Jan 10th 2020 11:45

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Q. Are ya busy ?
A. Yea I'm sorry
 Nov 29th 2019 09:14

Q. No it didn't I haven't gotten anything new from you
A. Ah ok I'm very sorry
 Feb 16th 2018 22:20

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Oh I see
Feb 15th 2019 12:04

Sorry of you got board.
Feb 15th 2019 02:31

I see.
Jan 21st 2019 12:26

I see, sorry.
Jan 20th 2019 11:54

Everything okay?
Jan 20th 2019 00:07

Jan 16th 2019 10:00

Did you lose interest?
Jan 15th 2019 23:57

thanks for accepting
Jan 13th 2019 04:38

Just sad.
Dec 21st 2018 12:10

Dec 21st 2018 01:56