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(Bee Hexen)
24 / Male / Single and Looking
Boone, North Carolina - United States
Hey! My name is Zip I've been on this website for a while and I thoroughly enjoy RP, I'm pretty much checking rp multiple times a day and will respond atleast once a day, Im okay with just about every theme/genre. PLEASE READ MY RULES.

I only accept adults, I dont feel comfortable talking to minors on the internet.

I will start off saying hello and how are you and such, dont be all fake and ghost me, or i will block.

If you add me please send the first message, if I add I will message first, and Please don't ghost me, especially off the bat.

If you dont message for 3 days I will check up on you and make sure you are okay.

If I dont respond for a bit, let me know I have a full time job and wont always be able to respond right away.

If you remove me do it kindly and politely rather than using put downs please.

Ask for my discord if you want I am more active there, after I get to know you a bit

~~Blog characters are work in progress!~~

@NeverDying is my longest RP partner and I thoroughly enjoy her company as well as her Waifu @TheEmptySoul. LOVE YOU TWO

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I miss you more my friend, text me soon i have an idea i hope will work
Oct 19th 2019 05:50