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22 / Female / In Like
Hello! Welcome to my page, I hope to make new friends here. I can't say I'll be active 24/7 as I can be busy, but it's nice to have fun, especially when it comes to roleplaying.~

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First name: Ziaziv

Last name: (None)

Age: Her age is unknown, but has an appearance of a teenage girl.

Species: Artificial

PERSONALITY: Zia is very kind and polite, however, she does a sassy side to herself. She can be

spontaneous and clumsy! She was originally built to fight, but because of her gentle personality,

she prefers to avoid them as much as possible -- unless it's absolutely, of course. As gentle as

she is, she can be very fierce and vicious when need be.

Zia is social, but is very shy around new people. She is warm-hearted, generous, and very

considerate of her friends and family, putting their needs before her own. She is organized and

clean, always cleaning up after others. She has always believed that each Life of a person has a

purpose and meaning, and will take the time to encourage and support another.

Zia is very passionate about Nature and will do anything to protect it, and takes exceptional care in animals.

ABILITIES AND POWERS: Immense endurance, enhanced strength, and immense agility. She has possesses
great combat skills, and can learn other abilities by downloading the set through her "personal Net" installed in her processor, which is installed in her brain.

She can generate an indestructible force fields around herself or other targets. By generating

additional force behind her psionic force shields, Zia can turn them into offensive weapons. She is capable of generating and manipulating multiple psionic force fields at the same time, and her force fields can be used to deflect heavy oncoming artillery and magic.

Teleknises; she has the power to move and take control of things with her mind and use them for whatever purpose she wishes.

Self Destruction; if need be, Zia will set herself in self-destruction mode and commit suicide, creating an immense explosion.

Punisher; this is one of her most powerful abilities as when activated, a bright light will envelop a wide aura around he, inflicting massive damage on whoever her heart sees as enemy. This magic takes a lot of energy, thus she will this only when absolutely necessary.

Time; Zia has the ability to manipulate time-- not time itself, but she can use her Time magic to restore organic beings or inorganic items back to the state they were in before they took damage.

She also shows great skill in transformation magic, which allows her to disguise her appearance, giving her the ability to change her own gender if need be.

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