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17 / Male / Forever Alone
United States
If I lurk on your profile, you should add me! Unless, y’know— you don’t interact with minors, which is understandable! But It probably means your profile looked interesting to me but I was worried if I might get denied. ;-;

Hey! My name is Zen, but I also go by Zeni! I love to write stories when I’m not being murdered by school or my job, so add me! I’m Seventeen years old and love to play video games! So if you’re down to run it on a few fighting games, let me know >:)! Hm… what do I write here..? Oh! I LOVE Takis!!


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The final days I was big on this site, I felt like The Joker. Anyways, Howdy! :DDD
0  Jan 17th 2022 03:35

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