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(Zatanna Zatara)
21 / Female / Single
"Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for magic!"

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“Okay, don’t freak out...But the spell didn’t ‘exactly’ work...”
3  10 hours ago

Latest Questions

Q. "I understand you are a master of magic as well, yes?"
A. "Maid of Magic...But yes. I also understand that you've been known for trouble, yes?"
 Oct 24th 2020 19:17

Q. "Cool. I gotta stop by the Manor for an hour or two. But I'll head right to your place after."
A. Zatanna nodded her head and smiled. "I'll be waiting."
 Dec 11th 2017 18:32

Latest Comments

//would love to rp sometime
Jul 30th 2019 12:08

"Sorry love..." He'd sigh.
Jun 5th 2019 21:50

"Nothing fun about change... How you been love? Free your dad from Fate?" He'd give a sympathetic look, offering a stare..
Jun 5th 2019 20:15

"Just checking in, God knows your one the lucky ones too survive me." More self pity bullsh*t, ah, someone was in a mood.

"...Truth is I'm Lonley Zat, is it crime too wanna talk?" He'd stare.
Jun 3rd 2019 23:14

"Hello dear... Miss me?" He'd stare.
Jun 3rd 2019 20:51

"From what I hear, I imagine it would be hard, but I wish no ill feelings upon you..Have a good day." He would walk away.
Mar 30th 2019 02:18

"Her name's Wanda..." He chuckled.
Mar 29th 2019 20:08

"....Remind me of my daughter."
Mar 29th 2019 17:35

thank you for sending me a friend request! I hope we can rp soon!
Jul 17th 2018 02:44

Squeezing her tighter over time. Nuzzle cheek against hers. "Distractions! Got to keep making a living and stress free!"
Feb 18th 2018 04:03