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(Yuno Elf)
18 / Male / Single
Call me Yuno, here for roleplay and chat!
I'm mostly into fantasy/adventure/romance anime themes.
I rarely play other characters beside Yuno but i'm opened to play from other verses too, oc's and canons are welcomed.

I don't have many rules, the only things that you should keep in mind is that if you don't put effort into our chat or roleplay i probably won't keep responding even if i accept or add you, that can also happen if you respond too slow to my messages.
(Also the friends that i had on my other account can add me,i can't login into it anymore)

Now for my character:
Anime:Black Clover
Squad: Golden Dawn
About: He is a very laid back guy and also a magic knight, smart and silent, great wind mage, has a spirit named Bell, a fairy that enchants his magic power even more, kind person but he doesn't really show it.

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