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║Treat others as you wish to be ║
║treated, with kindness . . . . . .║

Welcome to my profile

Im an experienced Roleplayer with around +8 years of experience, as I started to do so since young, I've come to learn from experience from other sites and even some TTRPGs. So I'm no stranger to creating characters and much less a world where we can develop stories alongside one another but do keep in mind that while I do have a lot of experience, it doesn't mean I can salvage every situation you throw at me, sometimes having characters be apart without any prior planning leaves everyone in an awkward situation that could ruin the story.

While I'm not a fan of imposing rules I know well enough that sometimes they need to be stated due to poor moderation in some places, or simply, personal preferences that some might not agree with

║Rules & Preferences║

1.- Do not control my character, roleplays are done and phrased with unknown outcomes so it grants flexibility for us to react as we sit fit for the character, it is not fun when we dictate the other's fate due to one's action, after all, it is a one on one roleplay, its meant to be dynamic for the both of us, right?

2.- While I do Mature themes this does not mean I agree with er*t*ca-only roleplays, I'm open to such interactions within a story, but not to be "The Story"

3.- Preferably do not come at me already in character with a starter, I prefer being able to set up the Roleplay beforehand so we can both be pleased with the direction we want to take things, it can be as simple or extensive as you like, but preparation is much better than being thrown into a scenario where one is clueless of what the other wishes, in extreme cases, I might just unfriend you and not even bother to reply... extreme cases being those that come to "have +18 fun"

4.- I do have a Discord but do not share it unless I trust you, sorry for everyone but I'm very picky with people

5.- I don't want numbers in my friend list, I understand people having to take a break or being busy with their lives but if I haven't been informed in any way and you haven't replied in a month or so I'm simply removing you, feel free to add me again in the future, but I might not be as kind the second time around if you leave again

6.- I do not indulge in one-liner Roleplays, they have too little information for me to truly get a grasp on what to do, however, I am fine with anything above it in length, of course as long as it's descriptive enough for us to bounce a story or a progression from one another

7.- I do accept accounts under 18, however, I do have more restrictions regarding such, mainly being mature themes that are 18+, which I assume should be self-explanatory why

8.- I do roleplay mostly that involves long term, while I can do shorter this does not mean it will be only one 'scene', the closest example I can give to what I mean is something along the lines of roleplay as if it were a series, while I prefer doing the entirety of it, I'm fine by aiming at something that would constitute a 'Season' I do not do anything that would be similar to an 'Episode'. I apologize if this is confusing.

9.- While all the rules or preferences above are what I am used to, it is not set in stone, depending on our Roleplays or simply you, some rules may not apply, this doesn't mean you can jump over them, I will most likely inform you what's fine and what's not

If you read all of this then I truly thank you for taking your time, I'm sure we will have a much more enjoyable if you respect my preferences, or perhaps my rules warned you that we may not work out for a Roleplay, in either case, I thank you for your attention if you do wish for us to do something together or have a sort of 'code' to indicate me that you did read my rules, then you may send me your favourite drink as one of your replies.

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