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Latest Questions

Q. Hey baby, remember what day it is?
A. Ofcourse, it's the day you brought all the free food for me, when I was sick, when are we doing it again?
 Apr 16th 2021 04:20

Q. Still such a tease...
A. That's me! :p
 Mar 4th 2021 07:34

Latest Comments

I'll put the necklace on and take the rest off ;
May 5th 2021 06:09

I love you more.
I know it's cheesy but I got this for you
May 2nd 2021 09:50

I love you. Don't forget that.
Apr 29th 2021 03:19

Your love? You are so adorable. I love you
Apr 14th 2021 05:01

I just really care alot about you babe and dont want anything to happen to you
Apr 11th 2021 09:23

You really love food, fine. But no one should mess with you. I'd kill them.
Apr 10th 2021 08:48

ugh that smile makes me smile ;)
Mar 4th 2021 09:29

Can we still drink and smoke?
Nov 18th 2020 03:09

Just remember I make amazing food
Nov 18th 2020 03:01

We need to chill and make food again
Nov 18th 2020 02:27