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20 / Female / Single
California - United States
~ I’m your little kitten and I’ll obey you <3 ~
Hiii >w<
Here are my rules:
• Be patient with my replies, I get busy ^^
• I love erp <3
• Favorite genres: Drama, Romance, Fantasy, Action, and Adventure
• I’m a bottom and will always be a bottom :)
• I’m bi so I can rp with guys and girls!
• I have many ideas in mind!
• No one liners please
• Anime roleplays only!

We don’t have to do erp! I’m up for anything! ^^ and I don’t have much limits!

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Anh_Ca asked the question
Q. Am I one of your favorites~
 Jul 3rd 2021 12:52

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Hey, could you please respond to me? I understand if you're busy, but if it's possible, some indication that you're still here would be nice.
Sep 1st 2021 19:14

Hey, are you okay? It's been a few months since you last responded.
Aug 20th 2021 21:59

Hey wanted to let you know if you haven't noticed you haven't messaged me back in a long while I understand you could be busy i just wanted to let you know in case you forgot to answer,thought you did or the site bugged all which happens a lot and I'd appreciate if you could message me whenever you can thanks
Jul 25th 2021 02:11