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YourBigTiddyGF's Blog

・゚。 ⌠ account / roleplay rules ⌡ 。゚・

hey ! so i hope you read this all the way through.

♡ i’m only interested in FxF/GxG roleplays. n/sfw 18+ adds only. if you’re a male rp, i’ll be selective on those.
♡ i’m descriptive and semi lit with a line limit of 5+.
♡ i don’t care if you go into detail that much at all. it’s up to you.
♡ the admin is 21, and goes by she/her
♡ if you add once and i decline you the first time, you will be blocked. stop it bc it’s annoying.
♡ if we start a roleplay and i end up replying and you don’t reply, you’ll be blocked.
♡ if you add me and send me a message to delete it then block me when i’m offline, you’re impatient. i’ll be back on, just wait.
♡ i mainly like celebrity themed roleplays or anything original.
♡ i don’t do fandom roleplays. i don’t want a fandom i like to be ruined.
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2 | 0 Comments | Feb 13th 2020 21:53