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19 / Male / Single
United Kingdom
Hey! Thank you for taking the time to view my profile and I would be very happy and grateful if you roleplayed with me! I do tons of roleplays with many people and please have a conversation with me as I don't really have a lot of people to talk to so if you would be able to talk with me that would be an honor!~

So I have a lot of experience roleplaying and I do a lot of lines so you will be able to be satisfied with my performance as I don't want to disappoint others as I feel obligated to make others satisfied and happy! :D

I do both of the types of roleplay! which is the normal ones and the not so normal ones if you know what I mean so whatever ideas you all have in your brains then please tell me as I'm open to almost anything!

I'm also a fast replier so you won't need to worry about me ghosting you and I can multi-task multiple people so I won't take a lot of time replying but then again bare with me if I'm a little slow... I don't like being rushed when I do take it slow so yeah haha...

Please don't ghost me as I have many people who have done that to me and I'd really like to keep our roleplays going and if you are here to add me just to not roleplay with me I'm gonna be sad...

I have a discord for those who would like to add and talk to me but the username is quite long so you'd need to copy and paste whatever is below this message and I hope to see you there!

YourBigSoftie - (Sayachi Kikojo)#6864

Also if you have any questions feel free to ask! I'm up to new things and I'm always here to listen to anything you all have to say like any problems you have any questions you have etc!

Auto-Accept is on so I will automatically accept everyone's friend requests so please talk to me if you add me as I need some people to talk to as I don't really have much friends to talk to haha...

So anyways that's all I really have to say and I will add more eventually but anyways thanks for reading my about me and don't be scared to add me and say hi by the way!~ <3

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