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19 / Female / In a Relationship
California - United States

I'm open to any kind of roleplay. I've been roleplay for almost 4 years now so this is not my first account here.

You add, you talk. I will do the same. ^-^

~I will only play as submissive.~

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RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. Yes.~
 Nov 13th 2018 12:41

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haahaa really? Awesome!!
Apr 21st 2019 05:28

I shell! Don't worry! I'm having my fun, and honestly? It'll be great if you do too! XD Joking. But for reals.. Play along?
Apr 21st 2019 05:14

That's awesome! :D I'm doing pretty good myself. Pretty drunk :D But I'm feeling pretty great!!!
Apr 21st 2019 04:53

I am like still so drunk-- how are you? :D
Apr 21st 2019 02:54

And so the drinking had begun an hour ago. :D
Apr 20th 2019 21:33

Alrighty! XD It'll be a solid time!
Apr 20th 2019 01:34

I hope it'll be. Hopefully I can catch you while buzz too. xD It'll be fun, I hope!! XD Haahaa
Apr 20th 2019 01:28

I am doing pretty well, good actually. Haahaa Might get a beer or two tomorrow. Not entirely sure yet. xD
Apr 20th 2019 01:16

How's it going? You doing good? ^>^
Apr 19th 2019 20:56