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(Gorten The Zeno of Saiyans)
102 / Male / Single and Looking
In your closet, California - United States
Gorten is the Second Son of the Saiyan Warrior Karkoraen and The Human Tights Brief. He is the Nephew of Gokū and Vegeta through both his parents Being Siblings of Gokū and Bulma Respectively. He is the Husband of the Angel Cus, The Younger Brother of the Human-Saiyan Hybrid Alex and the Older Brother of Gortex,and a Member of Team Universe Seven Being Born as a Human-Saiyan Hybrid meant that he didn't have the same Naturally Intense Desire to Train and Fight as that of his Father and Uncle's, though in truth his was Much stronger than Most First-Generation Hybrids. As a Child he was forced by his Father to fight against his Older Brother Alex in Brutal and Unforgiving Training Sessions, which Alex seemingly enjoyed and Always came out on top, until he he was the first of his brothers to achieve super saiyan god

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Q. Why wont you be on anymore
A. because i dont have time
 Jun 7th 2018 03:04

Q. Hey you there, you alive
A. im here
 Jun 7th 2018 03:02

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