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After dinner, he left HyunKi and XiaiShi to return to the Palace. He didn't like how they kept talking about sleeping in the bed of a woman so he fleed, not wanting to end up doing something he could regret badly.

He didn't talk with Haru about the evening, he just said he ate well and had fun, then he went to bed. Though he is pondering some of HyunKi's suggestions with women.
He hasn't the time to do much though, as the day after, Haru receives the message of Zifu, asking for help and of course, he tries his best to do it.

After meeting Jeonha, he remains on his own, thoughtful. He is lost in his thoughts about what happened. He has never felt so much displeasure towards someone like with ZiFu.
He wouldn't have wanted the moon for helping him in more than one occasion but stopping to talk ill of him would have been enough, not even a thank you, just that.
He is so lost in thoughts that around him, small stones and pieces of earth raise in the air. Suddenly though he gets assulted by a wild NoriYori hugging him from behind. "Yaaah! What are you thinking about, weirdo?"
He is a bit stunned at first. "Noona..! It feels like it has been ages... you are always at the hq!" He turns around and hugs her too. "The training is going well?"
"Ye, I cannot complain. I am the best of the group." She shrugs. "I had no doubts it would turn out so."
"So humble!" He pats her head and messes her hair up.
"Always. Yah, do it again and you are dead." She says while fixing her hair. "I heard you are dating it true?"
He turns uneasy and shy at the question. ""
"Woh! It was about time! Who made the first step? Did you kiss? Since when have you been dating?"
He makes a °-° expression at the many questions. ", it was me...we...kissed once..." He feels shy to talk about it with Noriyori, it would be the same with Haru.
"Daebak! Why do I look more excited than you about this?" She places her hand on her hip.
"Aniyo...I am very happy about it, it is just that it was a long morning. I will probably go to her after this. What about you? You are not dating anyone?"
"Who has the time, even if I eyed one tasty beef. I will study if he is worth my free time."
"You have to address all the boys like animals?" He blinks.
"Ye, because most of them are only animals good to mount."
Yoshi covers his face in embarassment at her words.
"Come on! You have a girlfriend now, you have to learn those concepts!"
"Not from you and not like this..." He mutters, still embarassed.
Noriyori is so amused by his reaction. "At least you turn out to be less ignorant than expected, if you understood my point!" She winks and snorts.
He continues to hide his face. Noriyori takes his wrist. "Let's go to umma now, so I greet her too." She starts to pull him and they head back to the residence.

When they arrive, they find ZhaoZi talking with Haru. Poor Yoshi, he didn't even make it in time to tell her it wasn't him to talk to Jeonha.
He stands still, only staring. Noriyori gives a glance at each of them, confused. "Who is the guy?"
"No one." Yoshi walks ahead towards Haru and Zifu. Haru aims to greet but Yoshi interrupts when he grabs Zifu by arm. "Umma, I need to talk to him for a moment." And he starts to pull Zifu outside with him, holding him tightly and even hurting him a little.
Both NoriYori and Haru watch them leave, quite stunned. Nori approaches Haru then. "What happened here, umma?"
"He came to thank me. I don't know what's with your brother." Haru blinks, still looking in direction of Yoshi and Zifu.
"Never seen him like that." She shrugs then looks at Haru. "Ummy!" She hugs her, strangely being cute. "I want one of your special teas!"

Once outside, Yoshi stops and turns around to look at Zifu. "Stay away from us from now on. You got what you needed, now I don't want to see you again! Not even near XiYu!"
Zifu is a bit stunned but gets angry as he mentions XiYu. "Why? Who are you to tell me who I can be friend with! They don't belong to you, especially XiYu!"
"I can't stand you! You are rude, ungrateful and hateful! Just stay away from me and don't mess up with my people!" Yoshi doesn't even try to touch him, but Zifu pushes him a little.
"What is your problem all the sudden! What did I do? You hadn't to help me if you didn't want to!"
Yoshi clenches his fist. "I don't care about any of you, but I don't want any innocent to be punished, smug people like you included."
"Tell it to me about not caring about you..!" Zifu frowns. "Is that so? Ohh look at me, I am Jeonha's advisor, I am so special, so pure, so perfect..! Who the heol do you think to fool? You pointed your finger at me right away when XiYu got hurt, then with the Commandant you didn't even say anything! He left us in jail all night! And your threats...'feel lucky you are free and alive, woohoo!' What? You want to take away my freedom? If you hated me so much, you should have fried me as well!" His eyes turn teary.
Yoshi blinks at his last words. "Aniyo...he said he would have released you right away...
I said it out of anger! You just keep teasing, teasing and teasing!" He ignores his tears, he has his own to worry about. "And don't always try to make me look like I am bad! I...I am not..."
"I know what the truth is, what you and your eomeoni are trying to do! You are probably the worst, fakest person I have ever met! Of course I won't stay away from XiYu! I got to save her from you!" And Zifu walks away angrily.
Yoshi remains stunned by his words and also very confused. He lowers his gaze and clenches his fist, then punches the hard wall nearby, leaving a deep hole. At the same time, BAAM. A loud thunder.
He falls on his knees, shouting out of frustration.
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A strange fiction

He is at the nursery with XiYu. While she is resting, he wanders around and notices an nurse reading something. He gets curious and asks what it is, so the nurse, who already finished to read, hands him the fiction.

He goes to sit near the door of XiYu's room and reads it there. He sees no connections with anything, he just gets curious about what will happen. "Daebak...I wonder if there is more of this book!" Driven by curiosity, he leaves the nursery and goes to the library, wondering if they are just the lost page of an interesting book.
As he asks the servants of the library, they tell him this writing is part of no book and that it is wandering all over the Palace since a day. "Oh...gomapda for the information!"
He starts to head back to the nursery with no hurry. On the way he is reading the fiction again. "Awesome, there are even the drawings! I hope they will share more! So talented!"
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Speed of Light

It has just happened and the news of it spread faster than the time light of their star takes to reach Nortrig...
He doesn't even know it is already known among so many people. He is actually thoughtless right now, happy for how things went. Actually he keeps walking in the Palace, smiling widely from time to time while thinking about the kiss.
He is wandering randomly, not going anywhere in particular, he is just as happy as Lu when that three sausages flew in her mouth.
He is like that until he returns home and even the day after. Haru thinks he took some kind of drug to be like that but then the news spread also in the harem. XD

During the breakfast, he takes his time, so lost in his mental film when Haru says. ''Yoshi, but didn't you have to go to the council this morning?'' And finally he returns back in Nortrig even with his head. ''Yes, I had to!'' His eyes widen and checks what time is it. ''I'm so late!'' He fills his mouth with a few spoons of rice and runs towards the Red Hall but he doesn't make it in time and arrives when the Ministers and the Generals are leaving.
He facepalms and hits himself a few times. He starts to leave, feeling bad he got so distracted.

He is walking in the Palace right now, lost in thoughts. What happened didn't kill his mood though.
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After returning to the Palace, from the walk, he sends the gifts he bought to Haru and Gamja, but also keeps some for himself. Strangely, in front of that delicious candies he feels less to the point of puking and manages to enjoy them.
He doesn't even see as something positive about his own condition, but when he sends the daily message to Haru, with the gifts, he also tells her he ate them too and that they are great.

The morning after, he wakes up late as usual, he gets up on his own and first of all takes a look around, to see who is still at home. Not the princes, that he hoped and HyunKi is in house clothes, having no intention to go out for the day. "Today I have to rest my leg, find something to do here."

Yoshi starts to wander the house, feeling bored. He suddenly rubs his chin, realizing he is growing beard.
He heads to the bathroom and starts to look for the right products to shave. He stands in front of the mirror, trying but being so clumsy, he doesn't even know where to start.
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The Specialist

He doesn't move from bed till 11 am as usual. The servants try to wake him up earlier but he gets up only when Haru herself comes.
That morning, the Specialist sent by LianBi comes to them and Haru hurries to call Yoshi. "Come out for breakfast..."
Yoshi doesn't change his night clothes, since he wants to return to bed after eating that grain of rice to 'please' Haru. He stares at them as he finds Haru and the specialist sat by the table.
Haru motions him to sit down. "Eat." She waits for Yoshi to sit down then presents the man. "This is specialist Yun."
Yoshi gives him a glance but doesn't say anything. He slowly starts to mix the food while finding the courage to eat it. He always feels like he is about to puke though.
Yun looks at him, studying what he does. He bows his head and smiles kindly. "Shiix Xu, Yoshi. Your umma-..."
Yoshi drops his chopsticks and looks back at him. "What? You are here to find my problem. Do it quietly while I eat." Even if he didn't even start.
Yun chuckles slightly and nods. "Hm. Finish to eat." He is already prepared. Haru told him about his current behaviour and he is already quite sure but wants to properly talk with Yoshi first.
Yoshi struggles to eat even half of the small bowl of rice before him. He stands up and bows slightly to them, aiming to return to the bedroom.
Haru motions Yun to follow him and he goes. He knocks at his door. "Yoshi, may I come in?"
"Hm." Yoshi says. He is lied down on bed, under the blankets already.
Yun enters and closes the door. He has a brief talk with Yoshi, confirming all his thoughts...he is depressed, he admitted he has a problem though and that's already a start.

Yun returns to Haru to tell her everything and gives her some suggestions to make him get better. "Bring him in places he likes the most, do the activities he likes the most, serve the food he likes the most, let him be with people he likes the most. Begin from this and see if he reacts positively. I will be back to check his condition." And the specialist also reports this to the Emperor.
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