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YUH's new friends

DEKAI (roy hu !)
19 / Male / Single
Verses: .. # PAN - DEMI / N*FW
Playbys: .. # ZEKE / 18 PLUS / MINORS DNI
chikusho (Tony)
20 / Female / Single
Characters: Turn around and walk before i tie you up <3
Verses: Break me, tear me apart, but don't ever leave me alone
Playbys: Legally your wife.
Lengths: Para, Semi
24 / Male / In a Relationship
Characters: [0.098] Sing A Sweet Song About The Love Of Ur Life. then realizes it is me.
Verses: JESSE DAVIS. trying to find the [0.099] difference bewteen than and then. Not working.
Playbys: Do not beat around the bush. Message me Or else. [0.100]
TSR (The Shaderoom)
116 / Other / Single
United States
Characters: 18+ / No anime or furry / nothing non realistic or human
Verses: The official shaderoom
Playbys: All fun and jokes & NO I DO NOT ROLEPLAY
19 / Male / In a Relationship
United States
Characters: ADMIN NOT NEW
Verses: 18+
Lengths: Multi Para, Novella, Para, Semi
35 / Male / In Like
Verses: Aint with that weird sh*t yall be on.
Playbys: Hed still be alive right now if you niggas aint gas him up.
JUBILEE (Niki Nihachu)
20 / Female / Married
United States
Characters: {I wanna be} NIKI - 19, German Twitch streamer. Wilbur's bestie.
Verses: {the girl} NIHACHU - dsmp, originsmp.
Playbys: {that you fall asleep on call with} DNI if you're friending me strictly for N*FW.
Lengths: Semi
vital (xander flynn)
22 / Other / Its Complicated
Characters: @ | call me xan | indie music artist | does art too | hopeless romantic
Verses: MY | bisexual | they/them | kinda shy lmao | loves books a lot | rlly nice
Playbys: WORST | admin | she/they | @perfume | selective | open to connections | 18+ | (n)sfw
Lengths: Semi
adora (⠀⠀ ʚɞ ⠀ )
25 / Female / Single
United States
Characters: ADELINA EDEVANE 1!** hold my hand and tell me you love me
Verses: [2!] currently functioning on my last brain cell
23 / Female / Single
Verses: does jewels not look spelt wrong? spelled..? fml
Playbys: took break back now
IdentityDisorder (Park Soo JIn)
21 / Male / Single
Korea (South)
Characters: Park[Heroin addict}Rude as hell[You wont like me}
Verses: SooJin[self respect not detected}Dave[tattoo artist}
Playbys: Admin[18+}not new[TW}NsFW
lalalalisa_m (Lalisa Manoban-Kim)
24 / Female / Married
Korea (South)
Characters: {LISA} 01. Singer, dancer, model, mother
Verses: {MANOBAN} 02. also @MIROH, @playdate, @HANN , No one liners, N*FW, 18+, bisexual
Playbys: {BLACKPINK} 03. Member of BLACKPINK, CELINE ambassador, dance mentor, LALISA out now <3
Lengths: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Celebrity, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Real Life, Open,
20 / Male / Single
United States
Characters: ( MICHAEL ) you know it's halloween || GORE!! || Halloween AU
Verses: ( AUDREY ) i guess everyone's entitled || kinda creepy, kinda sweet
Playbys: ( MYERS ) to one good scare... || gonna kill the competition lol
Lengths: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Casual, Gore, Horror, Psychological, Romance, Real Life,
Elysian (Nick Reyes )
21 / Male / Single
Characters: Greek{N*FW, Love is an Illusion change my mind, no sensitive people
Verses: God{No drama, Not new, Always IC, Selective Dont take it personal.
Playbys: Aesthetic{Roleplay>Dating, Compliment me, Be my friend, Kiss me
Lengths: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Ancient, Celebrity, Fantasy, Movie, Romance, Video Game,
turbulent (?!)
49 / Male / In a Relationship
United States
Characters: awsten ?! ..
Playbys: ( admin is over 18 )
MadpapiXander (Xander Carter)
24 / Male / Single and Looking
United Kingdom
Lengths: One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Crime, Human, Mafia, Romance, Real Life,
19 / Female / In a Relationship
United States
Characters: WHATCHU DOIN'?
Lengths: Multi Para, Novella, Para, Semi
REIGN (Lucia Beaumont)
25 / Female / In Like
United States
Characters: Lucia Winters.|| Detailed. Selective. No sm*t! Always in character.
Verses: Living it up in NYC.|| Let's go exploring together?
Playbys: Striving jewelry designer, part time barista.|| Is 3 cups too many?
Lengths: Multi Para, One Liner, Para, Semi
Genre: Action, Custom, Romance, Real Life,
Jeremey (Jeremey Hopus)
22 / Male / In a Relationship
United States
euphoria ( ' yeonhwa ☆ ' )
24 / Female / Forever Alone
Korea (South)
Characters: you kept me like a secret . kim yeonhwa . ojd: '17 .
Verses: but i kept you like an oath . it was like slow motion .
Playbys: admin . clover | tw: blood, murder, alcoholism .
ARCO (Sergio Nuzzo)
24 / Male / Single
Characters: Always IC ~ Always Busy ~ Always want to build a story
Verses: Sergio // Working on profile ~ N*FW 18+ ~ Para and up ~ Open to genres
Playbys: Nuzzo // No Drama ~ Chill Vibes ~ He/Him ~ 5 year experience
Lengths: Multi Para, Para
FTP ([‘,⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ lil sus bucket ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀‘,])
23 / Female / In a Relationship
United States
Characters: UGLI; foolishness is a genius mans game ; newport reds ; greyscale
Verses: UGLIER; nicotine bby ; your personality is v translucent
Playbys: UGLIEST ; tuba is hella straight js ; aint nobody fckn w me like they used 2
Lengths: One Liner, Para, Semi
untitled (lily)
22 / Female / In Love
United States
Characters: LILITH; in a constant state of panic,, friendly but sensitive,, ducks are lovely
Verses: GRACE; idk lets be besties, pretty lame for a cool kid
Playbys: KRUKK; semi selective, 18+ only babes, back after lifelong hiatus
Lengths: Para
Genre: Any,
VIBING (twink)
20 / Male / Single and Looking
United States
Characters: ( BIG ) benny benny ben, i gOT YEETED LMAO???
Verses: ( BOY ) listen if my bio never gets done mind ur business
Playbys: ( VIBIN ) i forget everything but i'm hot soooo
Lengths: Multi Para, Para
Genre: Band, Casual, Celebrity, Gore, Romance, Real Life,
21 / Female / In Love
United States
Characters: :: 001 :: Modern day Mona Lisa . 18+ ONLY . Divine feminine energy .
Verses: :: 002 :: admin not new . NO anime / NO furries / NOTHING non realistic . ojd '2k15 .
Playbys: :: 003 :: BIG SCORPIO ENERGY . Goddess complex . YOU ADD --> YOU BETTER MSG . AIC .
Lengths: Multi Para, Novella, Para, Semi
connortrevon (Connor Trevon)
26 / Male / Single
MILKYWAY (Selena Boyer)
26 / Female / In a Relationship
Characters: Selena || no minors || don't add me twice || kinda selective adder || 18+ N{S}FW
Verses: Boyer || mexican || kinda bitchy || looking for long term writers || no one liners || she/her
Playbys: No anime, no wwe, no cartoons, no weirdos || not new at all || original joined date 2018
Lengths: Multi Para, Para, Semi
Genre: Casual, Mafia, Psychological, Romance, Suspense, Real Life,
spoilt (clarice waldolf)
24 / Female / Forever Alone
Characters: { CLARICE } - russian mafia boss, killed my own father to wear the crown. don't cross me.
Verses: { ANNE } - lowkey scary, cold heart, actual ice queen, no morals, no sorry.
Playbys: { WALDOLF } - 18+, mature content, n*fw, trigger warnings, admin is dani, British bean. Ojd - 2020
alcohol (Yang Jaemin)
29 / Female / Single
Korea (South)
Characters: yang || barmaid || waitress || hybristophilia
Verses: jae || can handle more booze than you
Playbys: min || 18+ || you add, you message
Lengths: Semi
Genre: Asian, Human, Real Life,
STORYMODE (Jang-Jae Lee)
48 / Male / Single
Korea (South)
Characters: LEE[] Single parent[] Lee Min-so is my daughter[] No, you can't touch her[]Kind-hearted[]
Verses: JUNG []Model[]Actor[] We're friends right? Can I borrow $20?[]C*cky[]The Big smile[]
Playbys: JAE [] Gambler[]Stupid asf[]I want what she has[]Lost my guinea pig to goldfish[]N*FW[]18+[]
Lengths: Multi Para, One Liner
Genre: Any, Asian,