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24 / Female / Single
Florida - United States
Names Melanie, Friends call me Mel, My best friend calls me Mel-Bell! So, a little about me? Came from a small town, Working as an... Well in a club... And I just wanted to come here, make friends, maybe find a love interest, possibly work? But, let's get to the part where you do become my friend. My life, is f***ery. I've been through so much and things only get worse, Welcome!!! My rps usually deal with erotc, fluff/ns/fw/smt, abuse, trauma, romance, action, fantasy, suspense, and a little extra, if you wanna RP don't RP my character for me, other than that, no one liners/sentence rps.

If you wanna rp, i rp better on Discord: MelWeekes #0481

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