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21 / Female / Single and Looking
Florida - United States
¥^¥ Cuban woman with a lot of sass ¥^¥

¥^¥ 18+ only ¥^¥

¥^¥ Prefers fxf but can also do fxm if the plot is good ¥^¥

¥^¥ Disrespect me and I drop you faster than you can blink ¥^¥

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I'm thinking this is the best look so far
1  2 hours ago

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Ethot asked the question
Q. Have you been good?
A. I have been good
 Dec 19th 2021 13:15

Latest Comments

Hi Alana, happy to share a MxF kidnap RP with you, if you’d like. Cheers, Joe
Dec 28th 2021 12:53

Mmm good~ you both had the same story being c*cky little things until you learned your places too~
Dec 21st 2021 14:38

Oh? Do tell~ if shes too eager you both might need punishments~
Dec 21st 2021 14:36

I'm glad to see my pets getting along too~
Dec 21st 2021 14:33

Such a cute pet~
Dec 21st 2021 14:30

This is true, my love.
Dec 21st 2021 13:47

Thank you for finding me :)
Dec 21st 2021 13:44

I hate when people friend you, then act like they want to be around you then suddenly block you. Like what did I do wrong?
Dec 4th 2021 17:29

You're cute
Nov 24th 2021 07:18