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27 / Female / Married
Oh wow a new site to join!
Hey all, it's nice to meet you!
I'm new to this site (randomly just stumbled on it) so please be gentle xD

I originally was on gaia so I've been roleplaying for quite a long time now (probably around 14ish years now) so I'd say I'm pretty experienced.
Most of my roleplay responses tend to be 5 paragraphs or more, depending on what I'm given. I also adore creating my own characters and all of my "face claims" for my characters will be anime. Please also keep in mind that the image on my profile isn't necessarily one of my characters, more often then not its just an image I liked and decided to just set it as my profile image. That being said I'm certainly not opposed to using that image to create a character.

Not sure how things are really done here so yeah feel free to shoot me a comment or message, whether that's to start up a roleplay or to just chat!

Please note I'm not interested in er*t*ca based roleplays so please don't ask.

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I enjoyed Dororo myself until it ended today. I wonder if there will be a season two. Anyway, want to talk in our messages?
Jun 25th 2019 00:44