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[!] . . . Wow, another Blog or.. Binary Log as some would say.. that is what Blog means right?

Anyways, I'm back with another rant or.. vent.. I don't even know why this is a rant, I'm not angry, nor I have a grudge on anyone.. at the moment. This is just an update

So.. apparently, friends are decreasing and the amount of people I have to reply are also getting shorter and more uhm.. how you say.. dry?

I don't know, but I'm sure Dry is the word.. it's like a lake, it becomes bland and uninteresting when a Lake dries up, that's what's happening to most of my RPs now..

BUT, not to worry, this isn't enough to stop me from sending replies, Please do just wait, I am going to comply a message to you if you are expecting one.. If you aren't then don't bother expecting me a reply..

I've had a small amount of new friends lately.. all of which I hardly messaged which is.. understandable..? Whenever I have a new friend, I always expect them to talk to me first.. because if they added me as a friend, they must be interested about me.. right? Then why not talk to me?

And if Uh.. I haven't sent you a message, it can be in different reasons;
[1] I'm either busy or currently occupied
[2] I may be dealing with current life issues and.. taking care of my other personality..
[3] And lastly.. I may be too lazy to reply to your message..

I'm sorry if I do feel lazy to send a reply, I just feel like I need more time and I dont think I have the mood to reply to ya..

And If I haven't sent you a message, I may have forgotten so.. do Reply to me first, informing me why I haven't..

[I'm still a depressed piece of sh*t, please excuse my rambles]
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2 | 1 Comment | Jun 11th 2019 21:13

A Sign

[!] Messages are getting shorts and replies have been slower nowadays.. Im not complaning as to why Im not getting enough messages as I did before, Im saying that this is a sign.. A sign that I should stop.

In all honesty, It might sound pathetic but, roleplaying.. is like an addiction to me, Almost everyday, I sthrive to give replies to every active roleplay or chats I had and.. I lost focus on probably the most important things life had in store for me.. Like loosing my bestfriend because I missed a probably important segment in his life.

I have no idea how to say this but.. I lost the feeling of being inspired enought to be online here and reply to people I have roleplayed with, or not, I enjoyed the chatting anyways. The feeling of getting in to a story I and my partner made through a roleplay.. Its-- Its just gone.. Slowly, I feel lazy to even be online here anymore..

So.. I am thinking of flipping the switch.. Or not and just leave this account here and who knows when I'll reply to ny active roleplayers.. Whats the point anyways, 200 friends and only a quarter of it were able to send a message and half of those people stopped messaging me ever since..

I dont think I can keep this on longer, I just think that its pointless now to even be friends when you're not even gonna send a reply or tell me why youre not replying back. And if its the other way around, I probably am busy, I forgot about you or I dont have the time to even recognize you (Hah, Ego)

-s i g h-

I try to sound better for you guys.. and I want whats best.. I see all these people being picky about their roleplaying partners being all;

"I can friend you cause youre grammar stinks" Or...
"Oh Im sorry, the usage of '*' arent permitted on my accoint"
"I want longer replies, not just one sentence, How am I gonna reply to that?"

Do understand, I have no hate over picky people, I understand that they want a good experience on their roleplays, this is just my opinion, back off..

If you want me to eff off and die because of this post I made, I respect you for that, I actually do hate myself.

(In all honesty, I have no idea what Im saying at this point, Im just randomly poiting out fingers)

Long Blog huh? Well, Welcome to my Vent and/or Rant, I hope you enjoyed your stay, or not, Im not expecting any reactions. Feel free to spam me with hate, I get hate everyday, my life's hell already. Dont expect me to reply quicker than your internet speed
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2 | 8 Comments | Jun 26th 2018 11:11

Blueberry [] UnderSwap!Sans/US!Sans

-○-Character Info-○-

UnderSwap!Sans or Blueberry as I like to call him, which is his nickname by the way, is a short AU self of Sans, shorter than most Sanses are and probably the most adorable one.

His attitude and personality, overall looks, is swapped with Papyrus, having a golden heart and the attitude of what I'd prefer to be as Kindness Overload.

Blueberry is a sweet and innocent monster, he is easily fooled by a lot of things, in short (Just like him), he's gullible. He hardly knows anything naughty or anything sexual since his brother keeps him away from that sorta things so he ended up being the innocent person that he is, he's Social, kind and over all naive with high confidence over himself.

He thrives himself to be always positive, making someone happy is something he'd like to make as a challenge. He also has high alcohol tolerance but low sugar tolerance so, keep this little bean away from sugar and we'll be all right.

[!] I do have much to add here but, like I said which you probably never heard me say, I'm lazy at making blogs so yeah, this is my first time though so, dont judge too much okay? okay

[Mike_Admin] I uh... made this myself, didnt look up the wiki nor did I copy-paste anythin', I interpreted Blueberry the way I would see him so... yeah, plz dun judge qwq
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3 | 2 Comments | Nov 26th 2017 11:10