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(C R O S S)
16 / Male / In Like
Somewhere in the Omniverse, Philippines
* ...The world is changing as we know it..

* Time is rather.. irrelevant on our case.. but that's hardly an issue.. HE only wishes to overwrite for a perfect world.. But we dont..

*My name is Cross.. A Sans who took part in the X-Event.. I don't have the kid in my body anymore so.. That's a start of things getting better.. or maybe worse.

*Honestly.. I don't trust that Friend HE knows.. something about him doesnt strikingly looks friendly.. feels like he's scheming something big and I don't like it..

*But, in the meantime, I'm here to see what you guys are up to.. The multiverse can get pretty lonely out here quick..

*sɹǝʇʇɐɯ ʇı ʇɐɥʇ ʇoN


*Oh yeah.. Possessive boyfriend @WideSmiles .. I love him ( ~w~)
[!] So.. I recently made an Instagram account, as well as Discord.. Might as well put it out here if you guys wanna hit me up there :D

Insta: @aesthe_trickz

Discord: CryoListic#9535


Greatest people I've known, I also consider them as legends for helping me shape myself to be a better roleplayer, I salute thee;

@Crowbles (You're still my friend! :D)


Latest Status

[!] S-So uh.. I just uploaded a new blog about messages.. do read it if you have c-concerns about my replies.. sorry
Mood: apathetic
1  Jun 11th 2019 21:20

Latest Questions

Q. Hmm stop reply to me but I'll miss you
A. Hmm..? What do you mean..?
 Jun 2nd 2019 10:07

Q. hey
A. Greetings.. Did I do something wrong..?
 Jun 1st 2019 18:32

Latest Comments

"Greetings and Salutations.."
May 30th 2019 11:38

Please come back, I need you buddy
May 15th 2019 04:05

''Have a nice day In your timeline..If you have one'' Chuckles
Apr 8th 2019 19:06

''And friends.''
Apr 8th 2019 19:04

''Atleast I Have a timeline to live in''
Apr 8th 2019 19:04

''Heh..Now I understand why your Timeline is messed up SH*T!''
Apr 8th 2019 19:02

''Uh! Rude! Stupid Smiley trash bags..''
Apr 8th 2019 18:57

''Howdy Im flowey!
Flowey the flower!''
Apr 8th 2019 18:51

''And that's not all..I am the fastest Killer Of all times..I can fly,Slice You With my bare hands and..IM IMMORTAL!''
Apr 6th 2019 12:13

''I have everything You have...Except Your Knife''
Apr 6th 2019 12:06