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OC Quincy Rowland

Name: Quincy Rowland
Nickname(s): Quinn

Age: 20
Date of Birth: April 13
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Bisexual
Role: Uke
Relationship status: Single
Occupation: Magician, waiter

(Mental) illness: Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
Fears: Spiders, not able to perform magic tricks anymore

Species: Human
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Blond
Height: 5’7 ft

Body stature: Long and lean, yet well-build with slender limbs.
Appearance: Quincy has spiky blond hair, pale features and very mysterious eyes. He is well-known for his unique sense of fashion because of his fancy clothes, especially hats are completely his style. The devilish smirk definitely completes his handsome appearance.

Likes: Magic tricks, amusement parks, cotton candy, mystery, comedy movies, amazing others.
Dislikes: His hand condition, competition, losing attention, sports, sitting still, being dependent.

Good traits: Gentle, compassionate, great socializer.
Bad traits: Impatient, short-tempered, can be arrogant at times.
Strength: Speed, nimble fingers
Weakness: Very ticklish, his hands

Personality: His playful personality lives up to his mischievous looks. Quincy is someone who enjoys amusing others and can’t stand it to have his spotlight stolen. He is quite cocky and pretty full of himself, which makes him such an irresistible flirter. Quincy uses his magic tricks to impress others and teases the people he likes mercilessly, though he really doesn’t like to be teased himself.

Mother: Joyce Rowland
Father: Trent Rowland
Brother(s): N/A
Sister(s): Tiffany Rowland (24), Dani Rowland (23)

Virgin: No
Turn ons: Dirty talk, being seduced, stripping, bondage, being pinned down, spanking, ear-nibbling, hickeys.
Turn offs: Being tickled, being degraded/humiliated, his hair being pulled.

Background: Unlike his two older sisters, who have a successful career, Quincy always wanted to do more than that and make a change to this grey world. He wanted to do something that could make others happy. And so, within no time, he began entertaining small crowds with his impressive magic tricks, aiming to expand that crowd more and more every day. With his flirty behavior and irresistible charms he has captured the hearts of women as well as men and continues to do so to this very day. Unfortunately, because of his hand condition, he can’t really see a future for himself as a magician. His light form of RA is making it hard for him to even hold a simple cup. When having random attacks, he really can’t do anything himself and even though he hates it, he is forced to ask for help when that happens. Even with his medication, his hands will always be a weak spot, so Quincy decides to keep this as a hobby while finding a job that will be easier for him to do.


{ ‘’Embarrassment is failure. I hate those pitiful looks I get when I drop my cards…’’ }

{ ‘’So, you think you can actually dominate me? …Yeah, me too, so let’s just get it over with already.’’ }

{ ‘’Making my greatest treasure disappear? Are you mad? What if I can’t make you reappear? It’s not worth the risk.’’ }
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OC Naoki Shintarou

Name: Naoki Shintarou
Nickname(s): Nao, Scaredy Cat

Age: 17
Date of Birth: December 2
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Homosexual
Role: Uke
Relationship status: Single
Occupation: Student, part-time waiter at café

(Mental) illness: Sleep paralyzes
Fears: Going to bed, waking up, the dark

Species: Human
Eye color: Sapphire
Hair color: Honey brown
Height: 5’5 ft

Body stature: Very slender with hardly any visible muscles.
Appearance: Naoki’s brows are usually knitted into a serious frown, but his rare and unique smile is a lovely sight. He wears his glasses all the time except for when he goes to sleep or has PE class. Naoki is usually seen wearing his earphones to block out any noise in order to concentrate. He has one earring in his left ear and his fashion sense depends on his mood. Naoki has pale skin and has noticeable dark bags underneath his eyes.

Likes: Studying, music, writing, reading, cuddling, being inside.
Dislikes: Sleeping, the dark, silence, being alone, mockery, taunting.

Personality: Naoki is very serious and determined to reach his goal. Unlike his younger brother, he doesn’t care for acting childish and irresponsible, but Nao has a very kind and gentle spirit as well. His ‘obsession’ with studying has earned him little friends, but he likes it better this way. Even though he doesn’t like to admit it, Naoki is actually quite cuddly and wouldn’t mind depending on someone every once in a while. He acts far more mature for his age and is very intelligent. He hardly shows his soft spot, or his so called ‘weakness’, to anyone except when it’s someone special.

Mother: Mira Shintarou
Father: Yoshiyuki Shintarou
Brother(s): Natsu Shintarou
Sister(s): N/A

Virgin: Yes
Turn ons: Teasing, neck-kissing, tenderness, make-out sessions, frottage, nipple-play, spanking.
Turn offs: Scratching, biting, being called slut; whore; etc., bad hygiene.

Background: Naoki had lived quite a normal life until something completely changed all of that. On a very random night, he could sense someone behind him, or something… The sound of panting caused his eyes to widen with extreme fear and his body became paralyzed. The boy couldn’t move and didn’t dare to speak up. Luckily he was facing the other way, but there were other nights when he was forced to face the hideous creature that drew him insane with fear. This would only happen when he was about to sleep or just woke up and after twenty minutes or so, the creature would disappear. He had tried to explain it to his parents, but they wouldn’t realize just how scared he was, so Naoki never went to a psychologist. Even his brother would laugh at him for the ‘childish tales’ he kept telling. Naoki is forced to live with this fear without knowing what it is. Is it real? Is he imagining it? He wouldn’t know. Which is why he developed severe sleeping problems and an anxiety that he only feels at night. This also caused him to fear the dark, but he wouldn’t dare telling anyone about such a childish fear. He would much rather sleep with someone in the room, knowing he will be safe.


{ ‘’You can’t tell anyone! They’ll all laugh at me, they’re not kindhearted like you…’’ }

{ ‘’Can I… Can I sleep with you in the room…? D-Don’t get the wrong idea, it’s just because I don’t feel like being alone tonight…’’ }

{ ‘’I promise to help you study and all I ask in return is for you to hold me tonight… Sounds fair?’’ }

(I'll upload Natsu, his brother, later. I haven't found the time to do that yet.)
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OC Daylen Whyte

Name: Daylen Whyte
Nickname(s): Day

Age: 18
Date of Birth: June 17
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Homosexual
Role: Uke
Relationship status: Single
Occupation: Unemployed

(Mental) illness: Gynophobia
Fears: Women, abandonment, needles

Species: Human
Eye color: Purple
Hair color: Silver
Height: 5’5 ft

Body stature: Very lean and short for his age. Looks a bit malnourished.
Appearance: Daylen is rarely seen smiling, which makes him looks indifferent and hopeless. His clothes are somewhat boring and colorless, only because he doesn’t know any better. His skin is very pale and his body is unhealthily thin as he lost his appetite long ago. Daylen really doesn’t look like anyone special, which is why most people just ignore his poor state.

Likes: Music, laughter, animals, sweets, cuddling, embraces, going outside, drawing, attention, all kinds of activities.
Dislikes: Loneliness, silence, being ignored, women, the dark.

Personality: Daylen doesn’t like to let people in, because his fear of abandonment is just too big. That is why he seems very distant and indifferent at first, but when he does let someone in, he tends to cling to them quite a lot. Day enjoys very much to get attention, and when he loses it, he tries his best to win it back. Daylen just wants someone he can trust and depend on. He is actually quite intelligent and has a talent for drawing. Day avoids any kind of contact with women and will flinch at their touch.

Mother: Marisa Whyte
Father: Ralph Whyte
Brother(s): N/A
Sister(s): N/A

Virgin: Yes
Turn ons: Make-out sessions, whispers, compliments, butt-squeezing, spanking, neck-kissing, being held down.
Turn offs: Yelling, cursing, gags, pain, bloodplay.

Background: Daylen is from a world that is just plain grey. There is no music, no laughter, no happiness and certainly no love. None of that exists there. Hardly anyone talks to each other and people pass each other on the streets as if they’re not even there. It’s like they’re all dead. This tragic, dreadful life had caused Daylen to completely lose his appetite. He felt absolutely terrible, being ignored and not being able to be happy. His own parents didn’t care about him. No one cared about anything. One day, Daylen had attempted to get his mother’s attention and it was the last time he ever tried. His mother coldly shoved him away after striking him across the face, telling him to stop being such a pest. This little incident resulted in him suffering from gynophobia: a fear of women.

Daylen felt completely lost and truthfully, he couldn’t care less if he would die. However, on the night he decided to end his suffering, a secret portal opened, a portal to another world: /this/ world. Daylen fell into it and woke up in this mysterious land. He was completely surprised to see how different it was here. It was so full of color, people were chattering happily, everyone noticed each other and shared laughs with one another. It was completely different from his own world. However, he would not let his guard down. Right now, he has to cautiously discover just where he ended up to be and how he could find someone who truly cared about him, /if/ that was possible.


{ ‘’You’re the first and only person to notice me… Why this special treatment?’’ }

{ ‘’You can’t leave me, not after all you’ve done for me. I won’t allow it.’’ }

{ ‘’Why do they keep saying that girls are gentle? They’re hideous monsters… You have to protect me from them.’’ }
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OC Nyssara Light

Name: Nyssara Light
Nickname(s): Nysa

Age: 24
Date of Birth: May 23
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Bisexual
Role: Seme
Relationship status: Single
Occupation: N/A

(Mental) illness: N/A
Fears: Losing what is dear to him

Species: Genie
Eye color: Bright blue
Hair color: Silver
Height: 5’9 ft

Body stature: Has a toned upper body and slender limbs. He is long and slim.
Appearance: Nysa tries to adjust his fashion sense to the human world, but still ends up wearing fancy clothing like in the picture below. He has many accessories like earrings, necklaces and bracelets. His appearance gives away a little that he might not be of this world. Nysa has the most heartwarming and loving smile.

Likes: Hot chocolate, coziness, cuddling, animals, crowds, being outside, seeing people smile, stargazing.
Dislikes: Being used, feeling like a burden, his father, people harming his lover, liars.

Personality: Nysa has a very calm and kind attitude. Just looking into his eyes can make anyone feel at ease. He is patient and very wise. It makes it hard to believe that he has any flaws, but Nysa gets jealous quite easily. His fear that someone might be using him for his powers makes him a bit self-conscious. He is also a bit of a perfectionist, which can sometimes be good, but might annoy others a bit as well.

Mother: Unknown
Father: Lysander Light
Brother(s): N/A
Sister(s): N/A

Virgin: Yes
Turn ons: Make-out sessions, nipple-play, frottage, tenderness, blushing, cute moans.
Turn offs: Scratching, toys, threesome, bondage, gagging.

Background: Nysa’s father, unlike Nysa self, was born a normal human and therefore did not possess the ability to grant wishes. However, when he came to realize that his son was born a genie, he used him for his own selfish reasons and made him fulfil his deepest desires. Nysa felt absolutely no love from his father, which broke his heart, yet he couldn’t bring himself to disobey him. However, as he grew older, he found the courage to admit that he deserved better and therefore fled from his father. As the man kept Nysa all to himself for years, Nysa had very little knowledge about the human world and is forced to find out about their norms and values all by himself. From now on, he pledged to grant only three wishes of people who truly deserve it.


{ ‘’I promised you three wishes only, but… the thing is that I want to grant your every single wish.’’ }

{ ‘’I wish I could fulfil one of my own wishes, then I’d be sure you would never leave my side…’’ }

{ ‘’I can’t offer you more besides my eternal love for you… And that won’t even cost you a wish.’’ }

Possible plot: ◈ A wish coming true ◈
Character B is new to the human world and is still trying to adjust himself to his environment. While walking on the streets, a car is headed right toward him, but just before it could hit him, Character A, a complete stranger, was just in time to push him away. Character B is incredibly grateful and, aside from the fact that he just got his life saved by him, he becomes very fond of the other. Character A learns that Character B is actually a genie, as he had promised him that he would grant him three wishes to repay him for his bravery. He tells Character A to think about his wishes and that he would guard him and protect him until he would make up his mind. Yet, as time passes, the idea of parting from his selfless savior makes him feel a bit uncomfortable.
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OC Azriel Moon

Name: Azriel Moon
Nickname(s): N/A

Age: 18
Date of Birth: Unknown
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Pansexual
Role: Seke
Relationship status: Single
Occupation: N/A

(Mental) illness: N/A
Fears: Fire

Species: Siren
Eye color: Crystal blue
Hair color: Snow white
Height: 5’6 ft

Body stature: Has a bit of a feminine build with a slender waist. Long, skinny legs that match his beautifully shaped body.
Appearance: Both Azriel’s hair and skin are as soft as can be. His skin is very pale and his eyes literally sparkle in the moonlight, one being covered by his long bangs. Where he’s from, it is uncommon to wear clothes and so he doesn’t wear any. His expression is just as his personality: calm and peaceful.

Likes: Water, singing, dancing, seafood, making people smile, socializing, his hair being played with.
Dislikes: Fire, selfishness, arrogance, drama, tension, dirt.

Personality: Azriel is a kindhearted and selfless boy, only craving for a world of peace and a lot of music. He is very calm and patient, making him a great person to talk to. However, he can be quite sensitive as well and prefers to be alone when he’s hurt. The water has a calming effect on him, as well as singing and dancing. His curiosity about the human world increases every day and he expresses that by talking to random people, in the meantime hoping to make them smile.

Special abilities/gifts/skills: His singing voice can make people fall asleep, ease their nerves, help them relax, lure them to him (even from a distance) or make them be under his complete control for a brief moment.

Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Brother(s): Unknown
Sister(s): Unknown

Virgin: Yes
Turn ons: Whispers, caresses, make-out sessions, nipple-play, kisses along his neck, butt-grabbing.
Turn offs: Bondage, toys, punishment, scratching, biting.

Background: Azriel has no memory of his parents. For as long as he could remember, he had lived with people of his own kind, who all used their unique power for one and the same thing: killing. He lived a sheltered life, away from humans and the outside world. He doesn’t even remember his last name, if he had one, so he named himself after the moon, which he had always felt a strange connection with. However, unlike his people, his heart is far too big to use his enchanting voice to kill off innocent humans. Instead, he used it to make them fall asleep, only to bring them back to shore to prevent the other sirens from hurting them. After a long time, he left the others and decided to make his own fate. He now uses his voice only for good and he craves to finally leave the lake and be among humans, yet he is a bit conscious about entering an unknown world all by himself. So he patiently waits for someone to find him and guide him into this mysterious world he is so fascinated by.


{ ‘’Seeing you sad like this breaks my heart… Please, maybe I can ease the pain a little…’’ }

{ ‘’They were only trying to protect what’s rightfully theirs. Our hearts are not all dark, just like your hearts are not all light.’’ }

{ ‘’♪~ Oh! I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there! …Did you like the song?’’ }
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