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(Jay ( Jaiden ))
18 / Female / Forever Alone
Living In Fear, Indiana - United States
Evening~ I am Jaiden, but if you want to give me a nickname, Jay works.

I try my hardest to reply whenever I can but I am still going through school and have things to do every so often.
Thanks for understanding.

Sometimes my grammar/spelling isn't the best, I apologize in advance. As well with my word choice, I may repeat words unintentionally and I really do apologize.

I tend to want to roleplay Yaoi, but Yuri could work too if you're into that. Though I probably at least have two years of knowledge on Yaoi roleplaying rather anything else. Sometimes if the other player ( possibly you ) is okay with it, a sexual topic can be involved.

If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask me, I'm more than willing to answer them for you.
My roleplaying genres generally don't have any limits, if you are confused on what my preferences are, tell me. I'll most likely agree to what you're proposing.

About me? Don't know why you'd care but if you really must know;
I am female, but you can call me any pronouns you wish.
I am also polysexual, attracted to most genders but not all.
I was born on December 20th, 2000. Proud winter bab~

Hope we can talk or roleplay soon :>

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