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16 / Female / In a Relationship
Not your buissness, This Is not Arkasnsas - United States
Hewo ^w^! Welcome to the wolfie crewwwww! I love wolf human roleplays and would love to do any kind of roleplay with you!

here's my picture person bio-

Name- Star
Age- 17
Height- 5'2
Likes- hanging out with people, listening to music, the stars, sunrises, cookies, funny people, cute guys, hoodies
Dislikes- rude people, people who call her dumb, essays, math, the bright and blinding sun
Power- uh. half wolf person that can read read the stars which tell her the future
Backstory- thrown away like nothing by her parents
Eyes- pinkish purple
Hair- pastel purple
Wolf Form Color- black
Quote- "The stars in the sky are so far away. Sometimes I feel like I'm right next to them and I can touch them."

Random thing-

Hello my love. I do not know you yet, but I will. I want you to know I would do anything for you.
I would touch the stars and kiss the moon. I would listen to the saddest songs and cry my heart out for you
I would travel on foot threw the Sahara desert, knowing you are on the other side.
The world will mean nothing to me if you aren't there.
Your shoulder is like a cloud, making me feel happy and at peace.
I shiver, but you hold me close, keeping me warm and hopeful.
Until I meet you, the world will be slow, and all color will be gone.
When I meet you, color with fill to my eyes, and my heart will explode with happiness.
Until then, I want you to know, I love you.